Sorry, Eric

The comma is my accession to Political Correctness, attacking the message, not the messenger. Eric at Redstate is once again spouting the wrong message.

Facts: Presidents can be impeached. Members of the Senate or House can be recalled.

Sorrymitchmc, Eric, we do not impeach leaders of the Congress or Senate. We, the People are the only ones who can change the leadership. The elected party members can give a vote of no-confidence and elect new leaders. The voters in the leaders’ district or State can put forth a petition of recall, and if successful, force an election to replace the offending member. Our best recourse is to put extreme pressure on our elected Republican Congresspersons and Senators to replace Mitch McConnell and John Boehner.

I do agree with Eric at RedState they need to be replaced with less-than-liberal leaders. For reasons known only to themselves, both McConnell and Boehner have shown no interest in bucking the White House and minions. They seem hell-bent on giving the Democrats whatever they want. They bark like a big dog, then line up like cattle at the slaughter house.

So, what is the solution? If we cannot encourage our congressmen to replace Boehner, then John Boehnerhopefully his district will. McConnell is another story. He is here for 6 more years, like him or not. The best we can do here is to put pressure on our Senators to replace him with a Republican more in-tune with the voters. One of those Senators wasting time running for President might be a good choice. They would do a much better job as Senate majority leader than they would as President. After all, history has shown us that Senators make even worse Presidents than ex-generals.

Before you digress with discussion on this point, Eisenhower was both a good General and President, as Harry Truman and John Kennedy, while perhaps less than great Senators, were both good Presidents. The moral here? Vote republican generals and democratic senators? Think so? →Look at (General) Grant and (Senator) Barack Obama ←

Back to the issues. How to control Government? Take control at the grass roots. All the money in the world will not overcome the power of the block committee person. Think not? Look at Chicago and the strangle hold Daley had on it for years, reelected term after term because the Democrat block captains got out the vote. Now you have Rahm Emanuel, a Big Dollar Obama minion, and he is in real deep guano (shit), probably not going to be reelected. So much for Big Bucks.

Alternate? Start a new party? No, not the answer. If I can draw on some popular Christian churches without constcleansruing any foregone conclusion or being rebuked for some unknown offense, unlike Southern Baptists or Pentecostals who start a new church every time they disagree with the pastor, we do not need a new party on every block. Try the Catholic one church solution; one party, lots of workers in the trenches gathering in the local flock, and having all those up line promoted from the basement level, helping to insure the leaders are less likely to go astray because they can and will be replaced by those from below.

Already, the press is busy building up over-kill on the 2016 elections. They are on a bandwagon that will be old and worn out before the 1st primary in 2016. We will be beat over the head with Bush-Clinton until once again, the big-dollar liberals will win the executive branch and probably take back the house.

Unless we go out, take on a local captain-ship responsibility to steer the thought and actions of our friends and neighbors, getting them out to support your truly conservative candidates.

Now or Never, and do not ever accept the email going around that claims

The American Dream ended (on November 6th, 2012) in Ohio . The second term of Barack Obama will be the final nail in the coffin for the legacy of the greatest Republic in the history of mankind.

or some such nonsense. Not true, and do not be a party to making it come true.


PS: Pictures borrowed from somewhere, but then this is a no-charge, no-obligation (as in FREE) blog.

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