Obama bin Golfin

A “classified” document seized from Osama bin Laden’s hideout in Pakistan will be unveiled at the trial of an Al Qaeda operative with ties to the would-be New York subway bombers. That was easier than getting a birth certificate, a valid Social Security number, or even just school transcripts from the POTUS.


Me and My Selfie

In recent days, we finally have a positive statement from POTUS: Islamic Extremists, Muslim Terrorists “Misc. home-grown mal-contents” are killing, raping, beheading and burning committing certain unwelcome acts against” Christians and Jews “random stray persons accidentally congregating in the wrong place at the wrong time” and WE have noticed.

obama-golfObama bin Golfin also went on to state that “All options are [still] on the table. I know they are, because we never used any in any of the past crises I never acted upon.” This carefully choreographed statement was carefully presented to the Mirror Kisser in Chief between fundraising at taxpayer expense in Northern Calif. and a “golf day” at taxpayer expense in Southern Calif. But then, hey, it was Presidents’ day, an no one was working anyway. Least of all Congress, who in celebration of Valentines Day and Presidents Day falling on the weekend, are taking a much-deserved taxpayer funded week off.  And, it is a good thing they did, too! If you did not hear, Washington DC had almost 3 inches of snow, so all federal employees were told to take a “snow day”. Just imagine how inconvenienced our legislators would be with no taxpayer funded hair cuts or  senate cafeterias open!

I digress. The subject today is about POTUS the impotent pantywaist surrender monkey. The point is just how much longer can we honestly put up with the pseudo Moose-Limb in the white house? This guy is no nincompoop, as portrayed by Fox News, nor is he the 2nd coming as portrayed by MSNBC. He is a slimy, lying non leader who is doing his best to destroy our country. He refuses to support any Christian belief. He refuses to support any good economic growth for our Country. He is diluting our work force with unskilled illegal immigrants, and diluting our wage base with legalized (green card) slave labor imported under the guise of “unfilled technical jobs.”

Demand to know from your congress person 1) why can’t you work full time when getting paid full time and 2) why have you not impeached the usurper in the white house, and thrown him in jail for giving aid and comfort to our enemies (treason)


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