‘Tis a Season for Giving

… but… Giving to who(m)?

I got a dollar in the mail today from somebody named Help Hospitalized Veterans. Certainly a noble cause. Right? Well, first off , they wanted the dollar back, with a suggested donation schedule from $25 – $500. Cash, check or MO, no credit cards. For that donation, they will provide something called Craft Kits. Whoopee

A quick Google-ingĀ  got this:

SAN FRANCISCO — A California veteran’s charity that supplies arts and crafts to hospitalized servicemen and women agreed Friday to pay $2.45 million and purge its leadership to settle a lawsuit filed by the state alleging misuse of funds.

State Attorney General Kamala Harris filed the suit in Riverside County last year after Legislative hearings suggested leaders of the Temecula-based Help Hospitalized Veterans were paying executives too much and spending donated funds on golf membership, a condominium and other items, with little or no benefit to the charity’s one function of assisting hospitalized veterans. (huff Post Posted:

What is really amazing is that this group has been fleecing the public as a 501C3 since 1971 and STILL IS! I guess IRS is too busy checking up on the Tea Party to look at out and out cheats.

This time of year, we get lots of “opportunities” to help here, help there, help help everywhere.

Please DO give generously, but Please check out who you are giving to. You can find news and statistics on virtually every group asking for help. Check them out.

And, if you get a dollar from some group like the one above, say thank you as you put the dollar in your pocket and the envelope in the trash.

Notageek, wishing allĀ  a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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