Irrelevancy and the Mid-term elections

vote buttonWith all due respect to Erick Erickson (Red State), he is becoming irrelevant to the conservative base. Oh, he has lots of columns, lots of writers. In fact, he has so many articles he doesn’t have time to proof-read his work. And, apparently, no longer has time for comments. I went to his email  later than normal. I looked in vain for any comments to any article in the entire issue. None found? I have an account with Red State, and have commented on articles many times, and have even written a few articles for publication. (If published, it was on one of those pages you need a really, really good search term to find). Signed in, no avail, no comments. What gives, Erick??

I think every not-numb Conservative voter is aware that the RNC and the Republican House and Senate members are not talking about ObamaScare. Why? Do they secretly lust for the power they have given the Government over our every day lives and health? Also, the incumbency has stopped talking about the illegal immigration problems. Why? Do they think the illegals will move to swing states and vote for them?  They seem to be unwilling to do anything except to give more money to the King With No Clothes to continue funding whatever crony he chooses to reward.

Sorry, Erick, but I do not believe we should become disillusioned and wonder why we should bother voting the Conservatives back into control in both houses. The fact that the Good-Ol-Boy RNC and Senate Republican Reelection Committees are supporting the norm, the go-along, don’t rock the boat RINOs is not a valid reason to stay home.

The ONLY reason to stay home is that you secretly harbor a love of Obama and his We Hate America liberal buddies.

zombiesTuesday, Nov. 4 is the do or die date to vote. Most areas have early voting, or general voting by mail. Plan to do so, so we do not  have to hear about it rained, the car wouldn’t start or the dog ate my voter registration card. Only Democrats are authorized “liberal” use of those and similar excuses. Hopefully, even the grave yard vote will stay home (Chicago excepted, since they tend to vote for people that end up making license plates anyway.) We know many ‘Bama-Zombies will stay in their tents, now that the Glorious Leader (opps, wrong country)  POTUS has lost favor, and is not running for anything other than a low handicap.

shia politicians

They said you should stay home and not vote.

Do not be irrelevant. Get out and vote, be one of those that worked to throw out the libturds (short for no-good-liberal-hate-america-shit-heads)


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