bandwagonToday, I am on the bandwagon. But this one has 2 platforms, one which you may agree with and another that may make you upset with me. If I really do my job well, you will be standing in the middle, agreeing with both platforms, and planning your next course of action. If not, oh-well. Turning a deaf ear will not shut me up, and probably only provoke me to further discourse.

Stage Left: Only 4 days until the Federal mid-term elections. This is your last and final chance to sit home, not vote and let POTUS and is libturd minions continue to destroy our great Country, continue to trash the Constitution, continue to steal all your Freedoms fought and won for you by the blood and treasure of our founding fathers.

This country was not founded to be run by political hacks. This country was founded to be run by YOU, the voter, sponsoring and voting in your representative to do your will.

So, God forbid, you will get off your dead duff and VOTE, vote for the more conservative people who will at least curtail the illegal and unconstitutional activities of the left, and at best bring impeachment against the interloper in the White House.

Stage Right: Speaking of God, Erick Erickson at Red State is way off base again, speaking up for a person that “believes in a Creator God.” So do Ancient Alien theorists believe in a “creator god” in a space suit. ISIS terrorists believe in a “creator god.” So what. Big deal.

proverbs 8:36 (King James version)
But he that sinneth against me wrongeth his own soul: all they that hate me love death.


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