Nerd Sniping

Gee, what a week! POTUS is blowing up buildings and breaking glass in Syria and Iraq. ISIS, so scared they know not what to do, retaliated by attacking Kurds and killing a few stray Moose-Limbs.

Eric Holder Jr. resigned, just in time, I am sure, to avoid having to stand before the American People like a deer in the headlights. It is comforting to know, though, that POTUS is being advised on a new choice by Al Sharpton.

What else is going on? POTUS wants the UN to solve Global Warming and kids in Colorado are marching against truth in History.

While heads are being cut off in Oklahoma by a Radical Muslim Terrorist, the FBI is busy¬† wondering why the boss had to shoot a “disgruntled former employee” involved in a “workplace incident.”

Eric Holder leaving-right-now trick is to get another Liberal POTUS Ass-Kisser and Racist in power before Holder would get to occupy his own jails, and POTUS The Mirror Kisser has to fight a Republican controlled Senate to get a replacement top cop.

Don’t be Nerd Sniped by this political ruse to get you distracted from the most important mission of VOTING and getting rid of the sorriest bunch of Liberal Senators and Representatives we have ever been cursed with.

Mark the date NOV 4, 2014 as throw the bums out day. Vote now or forever keep your mouth shut.

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