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Gee, what a week! POTUS is blowing up buildings and breaking glass in Syria and Iraq. ISIS, so scared they know not what to do, retaliated by attacking Kurds and killing a few stray Moose-Limbs.

Eric Holder Jr. resigned, just in time, I am sure, to avoid having to stand before the American People like a deer in the headlights. It is comforting to know, though, that POTUS is being advised on a new choice by Al Sharpton.

What else is going on? POTUS wants the UN to solve Global Warming and kids in Colorado are marching against truth in History.

While heads are being cut off in Oklahoma by a Radical Muslim Terrorist, the FBI is busy  wondering why the boss had to shoot a “disgruntled former employee” involved in a “workplace incident.”

Eric Holder leaving-right-now trick is to get another Liberal POTUS Ass-Kisser and Racist in power before Holder would get to occupy his own jails, and POTUS The Mirror Kisser has to fight a Republican controlled Senate to get a replacement top cop.

Don’t be Nerd Sniped by this political ruse to get you distracted from the most important mission of VOTING and getting rid of the sorriest bunch of Liberal Senators and Representatives we have ever been cursed with.

Mark the date NOV 4, 2014 as throw the bums out day. Vote now or forever keep your mouth shut.

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Apathy and Fraud

Apathy and Fraud
I know - I know, I just couldn't help myself!

I know – I know, just couldn’t help myself!


No, that is not a new clothing store. Apathy is a Republican Fault, almost larger than the “Bush Fault” POTUS the Impotent Pantywaist Surrender Monkey* (say that real fast, 10 times in a row and win your very own Personally Autogroped photo of Dumber than a Cockroach Debbie Wasserman Schultz.) has been referring to for at least the past 6 years. Fraud, on the other hand, is that great Democratic vote enhancement tool that, according to many legitimate sources, gave 0bama the Mirror Kisser the 2012 election. It probably would have given him the 2008 election also if McCain had not done such an admirable job of grasping Defeat from the Jaws of Victory.

Quoting from Town Hall magazine, “According to the Columbus Dispatch, one out of every five registered voters in Ohio is ineligible to vote. In at least two counties in Ohio, the number of registered voters exceeded the number of eligible adults who are of voting age. In northwestern Ohio’s Wood County, there are 109 registered voters for every 100 people eligible to vote. An additional 31 of Ohio’s 88 counties have voter registration rates over 90%, which most voting experts regard as suspicious. Obama miraculously won 100% of the vote in 21 districts in Cleveland, and received over 99% of the vote where GOP inspectors were illegally removed.

So, now we once again are in an election season. Off-year, but elections never the less. What excuse are you, my dear Republican Voter going to use this year? The ultra-right can’t use Romney as an excuse to stay home, and not getting your Primary Ultra Conservative Out Spoken Gladiator nominated is the poorest reason anyone could use for not supporting the not-so-conservative-rino-incumbent. In races where there is a Democratic or Independent incumbency, we need to turn out in extra large force to make sure we can outnumber the fraudulent illegal voter, the multi-voter and the graveyard vote, all such loyal supporters of the Democratic machine.

Given a majority in both the House and the Senate, House Speaker John Boehner and (probably) Mitch McConnell in the Senate, will have a very hard time not bringing Impeachment charges against the Liar in Chief, as opposed to just whining in front of the Supreme Court. At least, they will be able to financially and legally strangle the King with No Clothes, keeping him a lame duck for the last 2 years of his failed presidency.

The key here is for Conservatives, Not Socialists, Not Big Government, Freedom lovers, regardless of the registered party, to come together on Tuesday, November 4, 2014 to vote against fraud, apathy and lies.

Take it back NOW






*Back by popular demand. Almost every blog without this descriptive term draws complaints. Not my term to describe POTUS The Ignorant, here are the original sources. Obama the Impotent and President Pantywaist Surrender Monkey

Time to go

Less than 60 days.  That means we’re just a few weeks away from our opportunity to begin to say goodbye to the clown in the White House. Or, barring Impeachment, at least strangle his every move to regulate, destroy and corrupt our Country for the balance of his term.

Why do I think we need new leadership?

Example 1: September 5, 2014 4:16 PM Federal Complaint Says Hog Farms Are Racial Discrimination Environmentalists groups accuse hog farms of violating civil rights. Environmental groups have filed a civil-rights complaint against hog farmers in North Carolina, claiming that by maintaining farms near neighborhoods where minorities live, the pork producers are engaged in illegal discrimination against minorities.

Example 2: 20th August 2014 There have been 1,600 shootings in Chicago this year. There have been 266 homicides. 80% of the victims were black. An equal percentage of the perpetrators were also black. Why does the death of one black man in Ferguson result in 40 FBI agents and the Attorney General swooping into that city, but dozens of blacks get gunned down every weekend in Chicago with absolutely no response from Obama or Holder?

Example 3: Sept. 4, 2014 Obama told reporters during a White House news briefing. “We don’t have a strategy yet.”

Twisted Sister

Twisted Sister

Do I need to show more examples of how dysfunctional Washington DC is? I could go on about how Harry Reid has personally blocked almost any and all legislation from the Republican House from being presented to the Senate for consideration.  We could go on and on about the Obama Race Card magic tricks and the Great Bush Fault trick.

So, what is the solution? Keep the house Republican, turn the Senate back to the Republicans so that something can once again be accomplished in the “Distrito Federal” (Why Spanish? Just an intro to Example 4, Immigration Reform)

I have to hit my own balls

I have to hit my own balls

Example 4: Sept 7, 2014 Obama conceded that politics played a role, claiming that a partisan fight in July over how to address an influx of unaccompanied minors at the border had created the impression that there was an immigration crisis and thus a volatile climate for taking the measures he had promised to take. “The truth of the matter is — is that the politics did shift midsummer because of that problem,” he said. “I want to spend some time, even as we’re getting all our ducks in a row for the executive action.

One of my overriding concerns is “will conservative and tea-party republicans actually get out and vote, or will they sit on their hands once again as they did in the 2012 elections, allowing the Imposter In Chief and his minions to maintain control of our Government?” We saw an alarming rate of we-don’t-like-the-Morman voters staying at home and not voting. Our Country cannot afford that luxury this time around.

So what if your favorite super-conservative, throw out the bastards candidate lost to the Republican incumbent? Does that give you the right to set at home and bitch and belly ache about how we are going to Hell in a hand basket? No way, Jose! You need to be out supporting the best we have, getting yourself and your neighbors to vote the Republican incumbent, the Republican won-the-primary RINO, you really tried to have defeated in the primaries. Well, you took your best shot, now get out and support the candidate.

Unless, of course, you really do want some more of the same-ol-shit.