No mo free speech

No mo free speech

On July 1, 2015 California will no longer allow free speech. California has passed a law requiring lock out on cell phones. This is supposed to be for your protection. This law requires phone makers to equip new cell phones with a tool to deactivate it if it is stolen. However law enforcement can turn off your phone if they do not like what you are saying.

Will only the phone’s owner will be able to activate the kill switch?
No. Authorities have the legal right to interrupt telecommunications services, and California’s new kill-switch law authorizes them to use kill switches to do so in accordance with state public utility rules.

Kind of gives a whole new meaning to hate speech doesn’t it? So I guess if you’re driving down the robbiwad talking on the phone and the police don’t like it they can just zap you right on the spot.

This is a short blog because I have more important stuff to say so stay tuned, a new one coming along shortly.

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