Wendy Davis – just another Chicago thug.

Did you know Wendy Davis is partnered with the Chicago gangsters and commie liberals? No? Well, I didn’t either until a day or so ago.

The Davis campaign for governor and Battleground Texas, a group of former Obama political organizers assisting her, have spent more than $1.5 million on operatives and vendors who were part of Obama’s national re-election effort, campaign finance reports filed with the state show. (dallasnews.com 2/13/14)

Battleground Texas is part of a political organizing project Chicago-based consulting group, 270 Strategies. Obama veterans created it after the 2012 election with a goal of boosting Democratic turnout in Texas. The Davis campaign is a client of the firm. So is a political action committee to promote Clinton for president.

Hey, all you fellow Texans, just look where she is spending your money! The Davis campaign has paid $55,000 to Lindsay Rachelefsky, an Obama fundraiser from Beverly Hills, Calif. The California-based direct mail firm Rapid Returns has been paid $449,000 for campaign fundraising mail and production. And the Smoot Tewes Group, a Washington-based firm founded by Obama campaign operatives, got $60,000 for fundraising consulting. And this was back in February. Wonder how much more has gone to the Obama Machine?

A vote for Wendy Davis is just another vote for more of the same shit we are getting from the White House.

Do you really want the Chicago Gangsters and Closet Commies ruining our state?