The worst of Hitler and FDR

POTusPOTUS flaunts the law. I cannot believe he is not impeached and currently in jail for treason and high crimes.

For almost 6 years, I have watched POTUS The Impotent Nincompoop talk, talk, and more talk. Unfortunately, I have seen not one bit of constructive action, only tacit approval and abdication to every liberal idea ever proposed.

He also has been at the helm for some of the greatest tragedies and scandals to rock our Country since the Clinton Whitewater days. Fast and Furious, Benghazi, the VA, just for openers.

Hitler was  responsible for building a war machine that caused death and misery to millions of people. While at it, he was personally responsible for totally destroying the German nation and peoples for the 2nd time in less than 39 years.

FDR was crippled from the waist down but overcame great hardship to become the primary leader of the free world in WWII. (no comment on his social policies, which only served to push this country and it’s people deeper into recession and depression. Entering into WWII, along with a 90% tax bracket, put our country back on solid footing.)

What we see is the combined faults of those leaders (both good and evil) who ruled and almost destroyed our world from the beginning of  WWI through the end of WWII. Like Hitler, POTUS runs around spouting inanities and generally working to destroy our country. But no war machine for him!

Like FDR, he has generated failed social program after failed social program. Unlike FDR, though this POTUS is numb from the neck up.

Now, this morning, in light of giving away 5 of the worst terrorists in Gitmo in exchange for a possible deserter,  the POTUz machine is calling soldiers who stayed and fought for our Country “Smear Merchants” and have accused these soldiers of “Swiftboating” the POTUz deserter-hero.

Please vote conservative. We need the Senate along with the house to get rid of the tin god in the Oval Office. We will never be able to have impeachment proceedings, nor will he be impeached as long as Harry Reid is Senate leader.



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