Just go away and die

The Dems, POTUS and Libturds in general, dear Veteran, just want you to go away and die.

POTUS the Arrogant Mirror Kisser does not give a shit about you. The Dems, at least in the Senate, do not give a shit about you. A whole lot of bureaucrats in the VA do not give a shit about you.

Some background on how your Government has supported Veterans:

Civil War

Veterans needed jobs. State and federal leaders from President Lincoln down had promised to care for “those who have borne the burden, his widows and orphans,” but they had little knowledge of how to accomplish the task. There was also little political pressure to see that the promises were kept.


Six years after the end of World War I Congress enacted a bill that would reward veterans of the conflict a cash bonus for their service. However, the legislation stipulated that the veterans would not collect their bonus until 1945.

Tanks and cavalry prepare to
evacuate the Bonus Army
July 28, 1932

Out of work, destitute, and with families to feed, the veterans organized a march on Washington in May of 1932 to force Congress to immediately pay their bonus. An estimated 15,000 made their way to the nation’s capital.  They waited in vain for Congress to act. On June 17 the Senate voted against the House-passed bill that would have given the Bonus Marchers immediate payment of their benefit.  On July 28 a force of tanks and cavalry under the command of General Douglas MacArthur stormed the camps and drove the veterans out. Their makeshift houses were then set ablaze.


In Phoenix, AZ  at least 40 veterans died while waiting for service, according to hospital employees and several members of Congress who have looked into the allegations.

And you really think they give a shit about you.

3 steps.

First, contact your congressman and Senator in a positive but firm manner, letting them know that you are aware of the neglect to our Veterans.

2nd. Vote in your primaries, send a strong message by drumming out incumbents with people that will listen and care.

3rd. Get ready for another march on Washington that will make any march ever, by anyone, look like a day-school picnic.



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