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Sustainable Racism

Google refuses to admit this expression exists, but I did find this:

Sustainable Racism seeks to keep fanning the flames of racial discord in order to provide jobs and racistspolitical power for a handful of 1%, mostly very privileged blacks and Hispanics, by allowing them to act as Christ-like mediators between the average black and Latino and a system they revile as unjust.

Sustainable Racism is evident in almost every POTUS The Impotent Pantywaist Surrender Monkey speech.

If you have noted recently, he not only screams Racist, but inserts words like “Mad as Hell” so that you will think he is making a stand and doing something. In actual fact, it just makes him sound no less impotent, unconcerned and uncaring than he really is.

Cargo Cult Economics

Members, leaders, and prophets of the government-regulated cargoculteconomy cults maintain that the manufactured goods (productive economy) of the Free Market have been created by spiritual or ideological means (Gaia or egalitarian socialism/Keynesian-monetarist policy, respectively), and are intended for the cult’s members, but that, unfairly, the Free-Market capitalists have gained control of these objects through attraction of this wealth to themselves by malice and greed.

A term to describe POTUS ripping off your freedoms, taxing your income at ever increasing levels, and giving your money to people specifically bred and trained to do nothing, whine for more and, of course, vote only Democratic early and often in every election.


Lest I ramble on, I will quit now, just reminding you: The Tea Party, Conservatives, Government Dissenters and even Libertarians are really okay, regardless of what the IRS says.


Get out and Vote, take out the Trash



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