Just go away and die

The Dems, POTUS and Libturds in general, dear Veteran, just want you to go away and die.

POTUS the Arrogant Mirror Kisser does not give a shit about you. The Dems, at least in the Senate, do not give a shit about you. A whole lot of bureaucrats in the VA do not give a shit about you.

Some background on how your Government has supported Veterans:

Civil War

Veterans needed jobs. State and federal leaders from President Lincoln down had promised to care for “those who have borne the burden, his widows and orphans,” but they had little knowledge of how to accomplish the task. There was also little political pressure to see that the promises were kept.


Six years after the end of World War I Congress enacted a bill that would reward veterans of the conflict a cash bonus for their service. However, the legislation stipulated that the veterans would not collect their bonus until 1945.

Tanks and cavalry prepare to
evacuate the Bonus Army
July 28, 1932

Out of work, destitute, and with families to feed, the veterans organized a march on Washington in May of 1932 to force Congress to immediately pay their bonus. An estimated 15,000 made their way to the nation’s capital.  They waited in vain for Congress to act. On June 17 the Senate voted against the House-passed bill that would have given the Bonus Marchers immediate payment of their benefit.  On July 28 a force of tanks and cavalry under the command of General Douglas MacArthur stormed the camps and drove the veterans out. Their makeshift houses were then set ablaze.


In Phoenix, AZ  at least 40 veterans died while waiting for service, according to hospital employees and several members of Congress who have looked into the allegations.

And you really think they give a shit about you.

3 steps.

First, contact your congressman and Senator in a positive but firm manner, letting them know that you are aware of the neglect to our Veterans.

2nd. Vote in your primaries, send a strong message by drumming out incumbents with people that will listen and care.

3rd. Get ready for another march on Washington that will make any march ever, by anyone, look like a day-school picnic.



Holder Enforces the Law

Holder Enforces the Law

In a truly stunning move yesterday, Eric “Guns? What guns?” Holder  came out in favor of DOJ enforcing the law!

eric-holderIs he going after illegal aliens? Is he now going to round up and prosecute Moose Limb terrorists? Or maybe, just maybe, he finally has found who was responsible for Benghazi or IRS scandals? Or is he actually going to admit guilt in the Fast and Furious scandal? Or, God forbid, he finally has an urge to tell  the American People the truth when testifying before Congress? No such luck. But, the great news is he is going to actively pursue and prosecute all the evil deed doers in the Chinese military! Is that great, or what?

DOJ charges Chinese military with hacking Pennsylvania companies.

(Video at 5:00!)

I am sure they will all be so scared they will surrender immediately for a chance to visit our federal institutions.

DOJ still has not charged VA admins with criminal neglect

Being a Vet, and having dealings with the VA makes it incredibly difficult for me to do an article on the VA administrators and the way they treat our Veterans. I can only hope and pray they go to jail as a good example of what happens when you fail those you have sworn to care for and protect .  It is especially disturbing as the shear volume of wide spread harm grows daily.

It is no secret that POTUS is not my favorite President. As much as I know that he is crass, egotistical, does not care for the military, and as much as I know about how he really wants to destroy the greatness and independence of our Country, I find his silence on this VA issue totally reprehensible and uncomprehending.

When is enough, enough? How much longer do you intend to stand by and watch this insane production of Alice in Wonderland?

Time is way, way past to impeach this pathetic imposter of a president. But, in order to do that, Harry Reid has to be out of power. That is why it is so very, very important to get out an vote this year. This is the last chance. If we go on same as usual, POTUS the impotent mirror kisser will have won the battle, and go out in a blaze of glory and we will have to put up with him for longer than most of us reading this column will live.






notageek life member DAV, VFW  and active member American Legion

Update If you saw Hannity tonight, you saw total weakness from the AmVet leader and whoever the jerk from some Vietnam Vets organization is. They are part of the problem….

Vote n Tote

Vote n Tote


Sustainable Racism

Google refuses to admit this expression exists, but I did find this:

Sustainable Racism seeks to keep fanning the flames of racial discord in order to provide jobs and racistspolitical power for a handful of 1%, mostly very privileged blacks and Hispanics, by allowing them to act as Christ-like mediators between the average black and Latino and a system they revile as unjust.

Sustainable Racism is evident in almost every POTUS The Impotent Pantywaist Surrender Monkey speech.

If you have noted recently, he not only screams Racist, but inserts words like “Mad as Hell” so that you will think he is making a stand and doing something. In actual fact, it just makes him sound no less impotent, unconcerned and uncaring than he really is.

Cargo Cult Economics

Members, leaders, and prophets of the government-regulated cargoculteconomy cults maintain that the manufactured goods (productive economy) of the Free Market have been created by spiritual or ideological means (Gaia or egalitarian socialism/Keynesian-monetarist policy, respectively), and are intended for the cult’s members, but that, unfairly, the Free-Market capitalists have gained control of these objects through attraction of this wealth to themselves by malice and greed.

A term to describe POTUS ripping off your freedoms, taxing your income at ever increasing levels, and giving your money to people specifically bred and trained to do nothing, whine for more and, of course, vote only Democratic early and often in every election.


Lest I ramble on, I will quit now, just reminding you: The Tea Party, Conservatives, Government Dissenters and even Libertarians are really okay, regardless of what the IRS says.


Get out and Vote, take out the Trash



#Twit Attack

#Twit Attack

Built like the back end of what?

After 6 years in office, POTUS the Impotent Pantywaist is finally defining his foreign policy.


Take that, you meanie!

The power of the Tweet has been once again brought to bear against our enemies.  After noting the success of the  “Ketchup” Kerry twit tweets to Putin, he decided the best way to handle “Nigerian Extremists” (God forbid we call them those Moose Limb terrorists who bravely steal children in the dark of night). I am sure that the POTUS Twit Tweet will be more effective. Why, just imagine the horror of being tweeted at by someone described by many as being built like the back end of a Greyhound bus. This is sure to lead to immediate surrender and a commitment to  a celibate life for ever after!

Sudden twitus interuptus; just across the wire from Redstate: On the McLaughlin Report today,

Eleanor Clift loses her mind: Chris Stevens wasn’t murdered, he died of “smoke inhalation…

Just when you think it couldn’t get any crazier, it does.


No terrorists here, just a Nigerian extremist, according to POTUS and Google..

Some where, some day this craziness has to be brought to an end.

Why not start now? Vote your primary tea party candidates in. Way past time to throw the Establishment Incumbents under the bus, NO MATTER WHO THEY ARE!

"borrowed" from Redstate.com

“borrowed” from Redstate.com