How many “opportunities” do you get every day to send money to force someone to quit their post or leave the Senate or the House? I get at least 2 or 3 wanting me to help force so-and-so to quit. Just sign here and send money.

Hogwash. No Senator is going to go home with his/her tail between between their respective legs. It make not a whit what party they are, how liberal or even how conservative they are. They will not pay any attention to someone sending a FAX or e-mail telling them “shame, shame you need to quit.”

Save your money. If you have an urge to donate, send it to the American Legion, VFW or DAV, or some organization with a good rating that helps our Wounded Warriors. Hell, you will get more mileage giving it to the Tooth Fairy than to the Get Out of Town Hustlers.

If you want to get rid of Harry Reid and any of his libturds* not up for reelection, get behind a recall group in your state for your own lousy liberals.

I have been looking for a week now for information about the Harry (you’re a traitor) Reid Recall Initiative and so far, not a peep.

rcallreidI am certain there are enough honest , upstanding and fed-up residents in Nevada to get rid of that slimy no-good once and for all.

But, maybe I’m wrong, since the above poster came from the normally way out in left field Change.Org!

Elections are THIS year for Congress and 1/3 of the Senate. Send message they will soon not forget!



*LIBerally Taxing Über Radical DemocratS

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