It’s been a bad three years for the NBC’s “Meet the Press” as it went from first to third place in the Sunday morning wars. And David Gregory’s failure as a host was brought into sharp focus last week with a report that NBC News hired a “psychological consultant” to interview Gregory’s wife, friends and others about him. NBC claims it was a “brand consultant’ — not a shrink — as if that is so much better. If after having him as an employee for almost two decades NBC doesn’t know who he is, why would the network think the audience does? The following just proves NBC really should have hired a recruiter to find a reasonably sane replacement for this proven nincompoop.

NBC Meet the Press idiot to Tony Blair ”Isn’t the legacy of your leadership, and that of President Bush, in part responsible for the reality today?” he asked, noting that many in both the United States and Britain believe interventions in places like Iraq emboldened and inspired Islamic radicals.

Keeping you informed of recent events (a non-recurring, sporadic and non-scheduled haphazard addition to my blog)

New York City spends more than a million dollars every year to distribute free condoms to combat unintended pregnancies and diseases such as AIDS. Yet city police are allowed to confiscate those very condoms as evidence of prostitution. That conflict is behind the latest legislative proposal to make New York the first state to prohibit condoms — specifically the existence of multiple condoms — from being used as evidence in prostitution cases.

Did they do a condom check?

North Korea Calls South’s President Park Guen-Hye ‘Despicable Prostitute’ With Obama As Pimp

Your opportunity to begin to bring just a smidgeon of sensibility to our Country is coming to a voting booth near you. Start with dumping as many libturds from Congress and the Senate as possible. Continue with your State, County, City and especially School District.

Or, stay home and get more of what you deserve for not standing up for your country.



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