Feds: We know…

… that you, gentle public, are just too stupid to know that when your friend sends you facebook likes for products you never heard of, didn’t request and don’t particularly want, that they may be entering a contest. Read on:

The Federal Trade Commission for the first time defined disclosure rules related to contests that encourage consumers to pass along content on social networks. Put simply, if a contest requires consumers to share something for a chance to win a prize, that needs to be disclosed in every post.

Full article at   Internet Retailer

Probably the only thing stupider than another Federal Regulation dealing with “Consumer Protection” is the idiot that gave this reply: “But we know better. Most entrants were deep braFood_Stamp_Presidentnd loyalists who were excited about expressing their relationship with the brand and the contest was an afterthought.” Yeah, and I have a bridge I want to sell you.

In other news, I got an advertisement for the “hottest new domain name extension” .expert.

I tried to register bullshit.expert, but found the White House already had a lock on it.

The Feds convened a Grand Jury to investigate the Christi Bridge Scandal.

Libs Blame Bush For Ft. Hood Shooting…nogun

and last, but not least:

Members of Congress are underpaid.



In America, it is my right to be stupid.

Voting season is here. It only happens every couple of years that we actually have an open season hunting license to replace useless, corrupt and highly egotistic fat cats that pose as Representatives and Senators. Please do not let it go to waste by reelecting the same smiley faces, or even worse, not bothering to vote at all.



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