Vote Rigor Mortis 2014?

The Republican party is at a cross roads. One path will send them down in ignominy to the dust bins of history. According to there are 96 pages indexed just for the United States. While I have heard of Whigs, Progressive Party of 1912 (aka Bull Moose Party, how soon we forget important history about how LIBERAL Teddy Roosevelt was, and here we thought it was only FDR from that family that carried the Libtard genes) there are lots that really should not be remembered.

knowNothingsOne that seems to be making a resurgence is the Know Nothing movement. Originally promising to purify American politics by ending the influence of Irish Catholics and “other misfits” lead by President Millard Fillmore.  So, who are they now? The left wing of the Democratic Party. The “get God out of my life” “Late term abortion” “no proof of voting”, “unlimited illegal immegration” and “get everyone on welfare and back on the plantation” party, led by the likes of Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson,  POTUS Ignoramus, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, and of course, the incredible Font of Knowledge Not, Sheila Jackson Lee. AKA those who want to purify your mind so you “Know Nothing.”

It appears to me that this group, posing as Democrats, are being aided and abetted by leaders of our very own Republican Party. Look at the actions of Mitch “We’re Going to ‘Crush’ Tea Party Candidates” McConnell and John “Higher Spending, No Shutdowns” Boehner. The RNC is certainly helping, by throwing lots and lots of money to RINO, establishment candidates, doing their best to stomp out the 2nd wave of really conservative candidates coming out to run against these old reprobates in Congress.

Texas set a poor example for national elections by re-nominating RINO Cornyn, while on the plus side, potentially sending Dewhurst to the Dustbin at the state level. Florida, however, was smart enough to elect a republican in their emergency election just past. Hopefully, the more conservative wing will continue to work against more of the likes of Charlie Crist slipping through the cracks.

cleansTo get to the point: Hey, you Republican voters in Kentucky, Florida, Georgia and all you other states with primaries, now is your chance to clean house, senate and a whole bunch of state and local offices. Get the RINO Incumbents out now, so we do not have to deal with them in the general elections. Vote otherwise, and vote the demise of your party. Don’t be guilty of supporting the Rigor Mortis party.




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