Blatant Arrogance

Flagrant, glaring, obvious, undisguised, unconcealed display of conceit, pride, self-importance, egotism.

Just look at all the Wonderful Words I found to describe the current state of POTUS olive-oylinsipid liberalism. Seems like no matter what, from Olive Oyl diplomacy to callous disregard of our poor and middle-class citizens, liberals firmly believe they have “the only way” and anyone that disagrees with them is subject to all of the above plus Blatant attacks of Bitterness and Degradation. If that doesn’t work, then we sick IRS, EPA, OSHA, maybe even the FBI and BATFE. (See? I can toss around the alphabet as good as any libturd!!) eat-the-richThe current Congress and Senate have given POTUS a blank check for the balance of this fiscal year. Are you happy about that? Do you think the Thief-In-Charge will spend it wisely, or just pass even more billions to his political cronies and supporters?

We talk about impeachment. Not a chance of a snowball in Hell of happening with the current crop of self-enriching legislators.

Tomorrow is the Texas Primary election day. First in the nation, 49 more to go. (Unless you believe as 0bama does, that there are 57 states.) We have a chance to retire the Rich RINO Cornyn, and put up a true conservative for the Texas senate race. We can also run Dewhurst out of the Lieutenant Governor race. Get rid of these worn out fat cats before they get to run in the general election and survive for another term of giving in to the Libtards and Cronies.

I guess, if you need more encouragement, the Houston Chronicle does not like Stockman, and not overly fond of Patrick. Almost more than enough in my book to choose these 2 over the incumbents. But they both have lots of other virtues too.

GET OUT AND VOTE!! or you will get more of the same-ol-shit



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