Agony of Impotence

Breaking news: 0bama goes to Saudi Arabia, eats at Mickie D’s. This was just after the outstanding sound of one hand clapping he received in Europe. All while the back end of the greyhound bus, aka Fust Lady, is whining about how the Chinese are not paying enough tribute to her exalted status.

Now, today we learn that if you are not on the 0bama-Jackson-Sharpton Plantation, you are probably not a Democratic Libtard.

What-oh-what is our world coming to? The Glorious Leader has outlived his stay?

Putin takes part of Ukraine, North Korea shoots at South Korea, Traitor Kerry wags his pinky at the dastardly deed doers, The Affordable Care Act is found to be neither Affordable or Care, no one claps for the Glorious Leader and apparently, his Moose-Limb buddies won’t even throw him a bone at dinner time.

Lessee- Benghazi gate, letting 68,000 criminal illegal aliens out of jail without deportation to molest our citizens, rule after rule in violation of laws passed by congress from health care to pollution to raising the cost of vehicles by issuing new mileage standards for trucks, issuing regs to cut back coal mines and coal-fired utilities, and just generally reducing our country to 3rd world status. Race-baiting and pandering to illegal minorities, continually telling lies to the American public. (just for starters!)

Is it finally time to impeach Obama, the Impotent Pantywaist? (I had to take away the Surrender Monkey part of his title, as there is no one left to surrender to).

Hey, you useless Representatives who want to be returned to office this fall, get off your dead asses and impeach this no-good usurping failed “leader” before he can collect all the goodies that deservedly go to an American President when he leaves office.


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