Agony of Impotence

Breaking news: 0bama goes to Saudi Arabia, eats at Mickie D’s. This was just after the outstanding sound of one hand clapping he received in Europe. All while the back end of the greyhound bus, aka Fust Lady, is whining about how the Chinese are not paying enough tribute to her exalted status.

Now, today we learn that if you are not on the 0bama-Jackson-Sharpton Plantation, you are probably not a Democratic Libtard.

What-oh-what is our world coming to? The Glorious Leader has outlived his stay?

Putin takes part of Ukraine, North Korea shoots at South Korea, Traitor Kerry wags his pinky at the dastardly deed doers, The Affordable Care Act is found to be neither Affordable or Care, no one claps for the Glorious Leader and apparently, his Moose-Limb buddies won’t even throw him a bone at dinner time.

Lessee- Benghazi gate, letting 68,000 criminal illegal aliens out of jail without deportation to molest our citizens, rule after rule in violation of laws passed by congress from health care to pollution to raising the cost of vehicles by issuing new mileage standards for trucks, issuing regs to cut back coal mines and coal-fired utilities, and just generally reducing our country to 3rd world status. Race-baiting and pandering to illegal minorities, continually telling lies to the American public. (just for starters!)

Is it finally time to impeach Obama, the Impotent Pantywaist? (I had to take away the Surrender Monkey part of his title, as there is no one left to surrender to).

Hey, you useless Representatives who want to be returned to office this fall, get off your dead asses and impeach this no-good usurping failed “leader” before he can collect all the goodies that deservedly go to an American President when he leaves office.


Vote Rigor Mortis 2014?

Vote Rigor Mortis 2014?

The Republican party is at a cross roads. One path will send them down in ignominy to the dust bins of history. According to there are 96 pages indexed just for the United States. While I have heard of Whigs, Progressive Party of 1912 (aka Bull Moose Party, how soon we forget important history about how LIBERAL Teddy Roosevelt was, and here we thought it was only FDR from that family that carried the Libtard genes) there are lots that really should not be remembered.

knowNothingsOne that seems to be making a resurgence is the Know Nothing movement. Originally promising to purify American politics by ending the influence of Irish Catholics and “other misfits” lead by President Millard Fillmore.  So, who are they now? The left wing of the Democratic Party. The “get God out of my life” “Late term abortion” “no proof of voting”, “unlimited illegal immegration” and “get everyone on welfare and back on the plantation” party, led by the likes of Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson,  POTUS Ignoramus, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, and of course, the incredible Font of Knowledge Not, Sheila Jackson Lee. AKA those who want to purify your mind so you “Know Nothing.”

It appears to me that this group, posing as Democrats, are being aided and abetted by leaders of our very own Republican Party. Look at the actions of Mitch “We’re Going to ‘Crush’ Tea Party Candidates” McConnell and John “Higher Spending, No Shutdowns” Boehner. The RNC is certainly helping, by throwing lots and lots of money to RINO, establishment candidates, doing their best to stomp out the 2nd wave of really conservative candidates coming out to run against these old reprobates in Congress.

Texas set a poor example for national elections by re-nominating RINO Cornyn, while on the plus side, potentially sending Dewhurst to the Dustbin at the state level. Florida, however, was smart enough to elect a republican in their emergency election just past. Hopefully, the more conservative wing will continue to work against more of the likes of Charlie Crist slipping through the cracks.

cleansTo get to the point: Hey, you Republican voters in Kentucky, Florida, Georgia and all you other states with primaries, now is your chance to clean house, senate and a whole bunch of state and local offices. Get the RINO Incumbents out now, so we do not have to deal with them in the general elections. Vote otherwise, and vote the demise of your party. Don’t be guilty of supporting the Rigor Mortis party.




Blatant Arrogance

Blatant Arrogance

Flagrant, glaring, obvious, undisguised, unconcealed display of conceit, pride, self-importance, egotism.

Just look at all the Wonderful Words I found to describe the current state of POTUS olive-oylinsipid liberalism. Seems like no matter what, from Olive Oyl diplomacy to callous disregard of our poor and middle-class citizens, liberals firmly believe they have “the only way” and anyone that disagrees with them is subject to all of the above plus Blatant attacks of Bitterness and Degradation. If that doesn’t work, then we sick IRS, EPA, OSHA, maybe even the FBI and BATFE. (See? I can toss around the alphabet as good as any libturd!!) eat-the-richThe current Congress and Senate have given POTUS a blank check for the balance of this fiscal year. Are you happy about that? Do you think the Thief-In-Charge will spend it wisely, or just pass even more billions to his political cronies and supporters?

We talk about impeachment. Not a chance of a snowball in Hell of happening with the current crop of self-enriching legislators.

Tomorrow is the Texas Primary election day. First in the nation, 49 more to go. (Unless you believe as 0bama does, that there are 57 states.) We have a chance to retire the Rich RINO Cornyn, and put up a true conservative for the Texas senate race. We can also run Dewhurst out of the Lieutenant Governor race. Get rid of these worn out fat cats before they get to run in the general election and survive for another term of giving in to the Libtards and Cronies.

I guess, if you need more encouragement, the Houston Chronicle does not like Stockman, and not overly fond of Patrick. Almost more than enough in my book to choose these 2 over the incumbents. But they both have lots of other virtues too.

GET OUT AND VOTE!! or you will get more of the same-ol-shit