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Erick Erickson over at has some good and true comments regarding the National Republican Senatorial Committee about their commitments to the political corruption I spoke of earlier, and backing a Kansas RINO senator that only votes conservative, or visits Kansas, when up for reelection.

If the priority of the NRSC were truly a Republican majority in the Senate rather than to serve as a praetorian guard for entrenched incumbents, it would embrace the opportunity to replace a 77 year old incumbent whose voting record no longer reflects the partisan make up of the state.

Unfortunately the NRSC will continue its protection racket for incumbents, the status quo in the Senate will lead to further losses as more and more Republicans abandon the unfulfilling quest of a majority that lacks the principles to actually limit government.

Here in Texas, you can be certain they back John Cornyn (RINO, TX). For some strange reason, so does the NRA, even though he has backed stricter gun control at the Federal level, along with unrestrained amnesty for all illegal aliens.

Take a look at Rep Steve Stockman, running in the primaries for senator, as a great replacement for the current ol’ grafter.

So what to do and how to get rid of these RINOs and Occasional Republicans, the old-school graft and grab politicos (and some Democratic libtards, too)? Get out and vote them ol’ crooks out in the PRIMARY elections in your state. Root them out before the general elections in November. Do not wait. Start now!

Here’s a list of 2014 primary elections by date. Check for your state. If you live in Florida, check several times. They have an election of some sort just about every other week.


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