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borrowed all around the net

borrowed all around the net

POTUS The Emperor with no Clothes, seems hell-bent-for-leather that he is going to destroy our Country with or without the help of Congress and the Senate. Actually, they are helping him big time.

“How” asketh thou? Welllll… for door openers,

Congress sent His Ego-mess a blank check with an American Express “No predetermined spending limit” statement attached.

The Senate has denied to exercise its’ prerogative for Executive Oversight

So how do we solve the problem? Primary season is upon us. Texas has already started early voting for the primaries. Many other states are not far behind. Here’s a clue as to how to use a primary to your advantage: Vote for the candidate running against the incumbent. Knock him/her/it* out before the general election. That is the easiest and in most cases, the only winning way.

Republicans, vote out the RINOs and Kinda Republicans. Democrats (I know there are probably a few of you out there who do not kiss the POTUS ass or suck the welfare tit) vote out your rep or senator who supported 0bamascare.

If you won’t get busy now in the primaries, you will get more of the same, and get just what you deserve.


gogreen*him/her/it: I promise to be more gender-neutral, and to never speak a disparaging word about our E.steamed leaders, regardless their morals or other strange mating habits.

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