Liberal views of “Equality” and (see below rant)

Liberal "Equality" for You

Liberal “Equality” for You

misc. weekend notes:

North Carolina: NAACP marchers protesting voter ID laws advised to bring . . . photo ID. Also, to make certain there are enough protestors against the NC voting ID plan, marchers were being recruited from other states.

Portland, Oregon: The Trader Joe’s grocery chain has withdrawn plans to build a store in the heart of a predominantly black neighborhood after a black leadership group fought the move. Black residents reject Trader Joe’s because it would attract too many white people.

Liberal "Equality" for them

Liberal “Equality” for them

Now the the main rant. I went to the post office for mail yesterday. There was a gentleman soliciting signatures to Impeach Obama. Since he did not seem interested in me (Maybe he thought I had that “Liberal Look”?) I went about my business. But, on retrospect, it really aggravates me that people will waste their time on a hopeless proposition! With the current Congress and Senate leadership, impeaching Obama just ain’t gonna’ happen.

Wanna impeach the Imperial Leader? Then vote out every single Representative that voted for a “Clean Debt Bill.” Do you have a Democratic Senator or, worse, a RINO up for re-election in your state? Find out when your primary elections are, and find out who in their party is running against them, then get busy getting yourself and your neighbors to run the rascals out in the primary, BEFORE they ever get to stand again in a general election. If the scumbag wins the primary, vote for the more conservative opponent in the election. On the other hand, if your Representative or Senator has supported your views, has fought the good fight to take back control, support her/him.

"My way or the Highway

“My way or the Highway


Campaign Central


Twisted Sister

Twisted Sister

In a nutshell, help pick the candidate YOU want, then support him/her best as you can, but VOTE.

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