Divine Obfusaction

Just like getting hit with a bolt of lightning, I was hit this morning with an email from Rand2016.

WTF? Yesterday, he sent a letter starting at $500 and working down to asking for pocket change to support those running now, but today he’s skipping 2014 and going for the (faux) gold?

POTUS the Impotent Pantywaist Surrender Monkey, while playing golf in California (on your dollar)

Obama Plays Water-Guzzling Desert Golf Courses Amid California Drought

After preaching shared sacrifice to assuage the California water shortage, Obama has played some of the country’s thirstiest golf courses

while his spouse, who has been described as being built like the back end of a Greyhound bus, cavorts at your expense in Aspen

For the third year in a row, first lady Michelle Obama and her daughters, Sasha and Malia, spent Presidents’ Day weekend in Aspen, the Aspen Daily News reported. The family stayed with Jim and Paula Crown, the owners of Aspen Skiing Co., and they skied at Buttermilk mountain where the Crowns have a home. They landed in Aspen on Friday and left Monday.

While all this “conservation and watching out for our needy people” was going on, Hairy Kerry, (you certainly remember him and his admiration of that great American heroine, Jane Fonda!) told the world that he is looking for a few bucks from Billionaire climate change huckster Tom Steyer. He declared to those woefully un-green Indonesians “climate change ranks among the world’s most serious problems — such as disease outbreaks, poverty, terrorism and the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction”

So.. What does this have to do with you and me? They (national Republican Rinos, other misc. Kinda Republicans, and Democratic Libturds) are doing their best to get you to forget about 0bamascare and the 2014 elections!

Remember? All those useless dick-turds that need to be reelected to preserve their power and wealth? Even Erick at RedState is now on the same bandwagon I have been on for a year or so. Throw them out in the PRIMARIES, denying the 0bama ass-kissers and GOP Do Nothings a run at the general elections.

Now is our best chance to take back control and change the “Government Doing the People” to “Government BY the People”

Check out those alternate candidates. Support them, and by all means, get out and vote in the PRIMARY, where your vote counts big-time. Do not be a staunch Republican like my Grandfather from Chicago, who, after kinda voting for years and passing on in 1946, voted Democratic clear up through getting JFK elected :-0

Divine Obfuscation? NO WAY!! Just more political bull-shit.


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