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Erick Erickson over at has some good and true comments regarding the National Republican Senatorial Committee about their commitments to the political corruption I spoke of earlier, and backing a Kansas RINO senator that only votes conservative, or visits Kansas, when up for reelection.

If the priority of the NRSC were truly a Republican majority in the Senate rather than to serve as a praetorian guard for entrenched incumbents, it would embrace the opportunity to replace a 77 year old incumbent whose voting record no longer reflects the partisan make up of the state.

Unfortunately the NRSC will continue its protection racket for incumbents, the status quo in the Senate will lead to further losses as more and more Republicans abandon the unfulfilling quest of a majority that lacks the principles to actually limit government.

Here in Texas, you can be certain they back John Cornyn (RINO, TX). For some strange reason, so does the NRA, even though he has backed stricter gun control at the Federal level, along with unrestrained amnesty for all illegal aliens.

Take a look at Rep Steve Stockman, running in the primaries for senator, as a great replacement for the current ol’ grafter.

So what to do and how to get rid of these RINOs and Occasional Republicans, the old-school graft and grab politicos (and some Democratic libtards, too)? Get out and vote them ol’ crooks out in the PRIMARY elections in your state. Root them out before the general elections in November. Do not wait. Start now!

Here’s a list of 2014 primary elections by date. Check for your state. If you live in Florida, check several times. They have an election of some sort just about every other week.


a preponderance of pollution and corruption

a preponderance of pollution and corruption
Corruption flows from the top down.

Corruption flows from the top down.

Watch The Corruption Flow: Obama Sends $70 Million-Plus To Allies In Chicago. In addition to Chicago’s Digital Manufacturing and Design Innovation Institute, Obama will announce that Detroit has won an institute focused on lightweight and modern metals manufacturing. The administration set up a pilot site in Youngstown, Ohio, in 2012, focused on 3-D printing, and a few weeks ago it announced a new institute in Raleigh, N.C., targeting energy-efficient electronics.

On another “the fix is in”, I have to wonder who did what to who to get the NRA to endorse the über-RINO Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX). It is totally inconceivable when there are some true Texas Conservatives like Rep Steve Stockman. I have to believe it is in part because Rep. Stockman did not register for the Senate race until the closing minutes of the deadline back in December.

On the where in the Hell is this country going dept: (1)In New York City, there were 56,000 black pregnancies in 2012. Of that total, 31,000 were aborted. That figure represents almost 50 percent of all abortions in New York City, despite the fact blacks represent less than 15 percent of the population.

(2) The Obama administration is launching an “attack” on the Medicare Advantage and Medicare Part D programs as part of Obamascare that will result in higher costs and fewer health care options for seniors, according to a U.S. House subcommittee

(3) Venezuela President Blames John Kerry For Country’s Violent Protests. In a tweet, Maduro slammed the remarks made by Kerry late Friday as “arrogant” and “insolent.” At first, when I heard Kerry say “The government’s use of force and judicial intimidation against citizens and political figures, who are exercising a legitimate right to protest, is unacceptable and will only increase the likelihood of violence,” I thought he was talking about POTUS The Mirror Kisser. Sorry, Kerry, my mistake giving you credit for a lucid remark…

Now, question time. Are you happy with a preponderance of political pollution and corruption? No? I didn’t think so.

A solution is to get out and vote in the primaries. Ours, here in Texas is Mar. 4, check for yours in your state. Find out who is a worthwhile candidate running against the incumbent. Support that person. Get your neighbors and friends to go vote, and get rid of as many of the old Washington Panderers as we possibly can before the general election.




Phone and Pen

Phone and Pen
borrowed all around the net

borrowed all around the net

POTUS The Emperor with no Clothes, seems hell-bent-for-leather that he is going to destroy our Country with or without the help of Congress and the Senate. Actually, they are helping him big time.

“How” asketh thou? Welllll… for door openers,

Congress sent His Ego-mess a blank check with an American Express “No predetermined spending limit” statement attached.

The Senate has denied to exercise its’ prerogative for Executive Oversight

So how do we solve the problem? Primary season is upon us. Texas has already started early voting for the primaries. Many other states are not far behind. Here’s a clue as to how to use a primary to your advantage: Vote for the candidate running against the incumbent. Knock him/her/it* out before the general election. That is the easiest and in most cases, the only winning way.

Republicans, vote out the RINOs and Kinda Republicans. Democrats (I know there are probably a few of you out there who do not kiss the POTUS ass or suck the welfare tit) vote out your rep or senator who supported 0bamascare.

If you won’t get busy now in the primaries, you will get more of the same, and get just what you deserve.


gogreen*him/her/it: I promise to be more gender-neutral, and to never speak a disparaging word about our E.steamed leaders, regardless their morals or other strange mating habits.

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Divine Obfusaction

Just like getting hit with a bolt of lightning, I was hit this morning with an email from Rand2016.

WTF? Yesterday, he sent a letter starting at $500 and working down to asking for pocket change to support those running now, but today he’s skipping 2014 and going for the (faux) gold?

POTUS the Impotent Pantywaist Surrender Monkey, while playing golf in California (on your dollar)

Obama Plays Water-Guzzling Desert Golf Courses Amid California Drought

After preaching shared sacrifice to assuage the California water shortage, Obama has played some of the country’s thirstiest golf courses

while his spouse, who has been described as being built like the back end of a Greyhound bus, cavorts at your expense in Aspen

For the third year in a row, first lady Michelle Obama and her daughters, Sasha and Malia, spent Presidents’ Day weekend in Aspen, the Aspen Daily News reported. The family stayed with Jim and Paula Crown, the owners of Aspen Skiing Co., and they skied at Buttermilk mountain where the Crowns have a home. They landed in Aspen on Friday and left Monday.

While all this “conservation and watching out for our needy people” was going on, Hairy Kerry, (you certainly remember him and his admiration of that great American heroine, Jane Fonda!) told the world that he is looking for a few bucks from Billionaire climate change huckster Tom Steyer. He declared to those woefully un-green Indonesians “climate change ranks among the world’s most serious problems — such as disease outbreaks, poverty, terrorism and the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction”

So.. What does this have to do with you and me? They (national Republican Rinos, other misc. Kinda Republicans, and Democratic Libturds) are doing their best to get you to forget about 0bamascare and the 2014 elections!

Remember? All those useless dick-turds that need to be reelected to preserve their power and wealth? Even Erick at RedState is now on the same bandwagon I have been on for a year or so. Throw them out in the PRIMARIES, denying the 0bama ass-kissers and GOP Do Nothings a run at the general elections.

Now is our best chance to take back control and change the “Government Doing the People” to “Government BY the People”

Check out those alternate candidates. Support them, and by all means, get out and vote in the PRIMARY, where your vote counts big-time. Do not be a staunch Republican like my Grandfather from Chicago, who, after kinda voting for years and passing on in 1946, voted Democratic clear up through getting JFK elected :-0

Divine Obfuscation? NO WAY!! Just more political bull-shit.


Liberal views of “Equality” and (see below rant)

Liberal views of “Equality” and (see below rant)
Liberal "Equality" for You

Liberal “Equality” for You

misc. weekend notes:

North Carolina: NAACP marchers protesting voter ID laws advised to bring . . . photo ID. Also, to make certain there are enough protestors against the NC voting ID plan, marchers were being recruited from other states.

Portland, Oregon: The Trader Joe’s grocery chain has withdrawn plans to build a store in the heart of a predominantly black neighborhood after a black leadership group fought the move. Black residents reject Trader Joe’s because it would attract too many white people.

Liberal "Equality" for them

Liberal “Equality” for them

Now the the main rant. I went to the post office for mail yesterday. There was a gentleman soliciting signatures to Impeach Obama. Since he did not seem interested in me (Maybe he thought I had that “Liberal Look”?) I went about my business. But, on retrospect, it really aggravates me that people will waste their time on a hopeless proposition! With the current Congress and Senate leadership, impeaching Obama just ain’t gonna’ happen.

Wanna impeach the Imperial Leader? Then vote out every single Representative that voted for a “Clean Debt Bill.” Do you have a Democratic Senator or, worse, a RINO up for re-election in your state? Find out when your primary elections are, and find out who in their party is running against them, then get busy getting yourself and your neighbors to run the rascals out in the primary, BEFORE they ever get to stand again in a general election. If the scumbag wins the primary, vote for the more conservative opponent in the election. On the other hand, if your Representative or Senator has supported your views, has fought the good fight to take back control, support her/him.

"My way or the Highway

“My way or the Highway


Campaign Central


Twisted Sister

Twisted Sister

In a nutshell, help pick the candidate YOU want, then support him/her best as you can, but VOTE.

Unemployed Corruption

I need someone to explain to me how POTUS, the king with no clothes, can claim we have an improving economy.

In January, we had approximately 116,000 “new” jobs created. According to Govt. statistics, we had an average of 320,000 “first time filers” filing for unemployment insurance per week, for a total 1,400,000 “new jobs lost” for January, 2014.

What am I missing here? I look at figures similar to this every week. I see food stamp recipient numbers increasing every week. I see the number of “no longer working and therefor not counted” going up every month.

While I can appreciate the number of first time filers, I could also appreciate the number of NOT first time filers filing for unemployment each week, and the numbers being added together to get a total picture of how many are actually receiving the currently 99(?) weeks of unemployment benefits. Is this number going down by the number of “new jobs created” every month, or increasing by the number of “first time filers” every week, minus those who “gave up looking and do not bother filing at all” per month?

And, while at it, I asked before but never got an answer that was believable, when we use seasonally adjusted unemployment figures to lower a number during a high week, like the end of the melon picking season, or Valentines Day shipments and flower sales, do we likewise inflate the figure during seasonally low layoff months, like July? Bet we don’t!

I also have an issue with Rep. Trey Gowdy, R-S.C stating that “The president says there’s not a smidgen of criminality or corruption,” I contend he told Bill O’Reilly that there was not a “smidgen of corruption.” We all know POTUS the ineffectual is a word parser. He did not say there was not criminality. He did not say there is no wrong-doing, nor did he say nothing illegal was done. What he said was:

  • corruption (kəˈrʌpʃən)
  • n
  • 1. the act of corrupting or state of being corrupt
  • 2. moral perversion; depravity
  • 3. dishonesty, esp bribery
  • 4. putrefaction or decay
  • 5. (Linguistics) alteration, as of a manuscript
  • 6. (Linguistics) an altered form of a word

This is a far cry from criminality or performing an illegal act. It still leaves POTUS The Unwashed blameless, and as pure as driven snow when and if the criminality practiced against conservative political groups in an effort to silence free speech is exposed.