The dick-tators are coming for you

The dick-tators are coming for you

In keeping with releasing “thingies when no one is watching” today, the 0bama administrators notified small business they “need not apply here” on the website for insurance, but only on the phone or with private administrators, along with only one option until sometime in 2016, or after a new Pres (aka Ms Clinton) is elected, which ever comes last.

obama-scare0bamaScare rule number one: we all must pay more for more — more higher deductions, more higher monthly premiums and more higher taxes for (almost) all. Is this a great opportunity or what??!!

In keeping with the open and transparent presidency, the IRS said that there was so much confusion about “so-called” conservative groups being singled out for abuse by the IRS, they changed the rules this week to say, basically, that if you are not a liberal group you cannot speak out against the current government, and cannot support conservative causes or candidates. Based on the “new” standards, IRS says it will have to begin all over again delaying approval of conservative 501c4 groups.

Hope y’all have a great Thanksgiving. And don’t forget to discuss 0bamascare over the Thanksgiving Turkey, and be sure to check with the IRS before you vote conservative in the upcoming primaries!3rvi3k

From my Daughter.

Some of you have asked what my bad attitude regarding Christmas this year is about. My bad attitude isnt about Christmas itself. It’s about a holiday thats being phased out because of the commercialism surrounding Christmas. Thanksgiving is the only holiday each year that people get together, not for the gifts, but for the sake of simply being with loved ones…bonding as a family over food, drinks, and old memories while making new ones. Christmas decorations went up before Halloween was even here this year. Black Friday is now starting Thursday, on Thanksgiving. The people that work for these huge greedy retailers have to cut their time short with their peaceful surroundings and families to go back to work to make sure those of you in “the Christmas spirit” can be ugly to them and fight with one another over buying cheap crap at a super cheap price. I can go on about this but I won’t. Hopefully, at least one person reading this will gain something from it.
Couldn’t have said it better myself.