Twisted Sisters

"choice" missed by Wendy Davis in her push to fund Texas abortions.

“choice” not offered  by Wendy Davis or Planned Parenthood.

Friday…. Normally, both the House and the Senate are gone already for their normal 4-day weekend. Great job if you can get it! Work a few hours Tuesday through Thursday and get a salary at a level about 900% above poverty level. And free insurance, too, even though they would be, by any standard, considered part-time employees and therefore should be at the mercy of ObamaScare insurance exchanges. I just checked, both C-Span 1 & 2 have people talking from the respective floors, but can’t tell from the background of empty chairs if the Senate is actually in session.

Twisted Sister

Twisted Sister

The House is about to send the 6th funding bill since the partial Government shutdown started to the Senate for partial continued funding of the government. Since the bill will not include full funding of the health care act, Harry Reid will certainly not let the bill be voted on. As usual he will spout that “The Tea-Party Republicans” are denying you of your share of free healthcare and open-air monuments. This jerk has no other goal in life than to strip away all the freedoms he and POTUS The Mirror Kisser can steal.


Enough. In summation, I would just like to say:


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