Time to laugh

I can always tell when people get over-stressed. “How?” you ask, well stay tuned, I will let you know my scientific secret. Free of charge, no donations required.

First, though, as all other pundits and commentators are doing, I need to spread some importantShutdowndoom and gloom about the Govt. Shutdown, and how negotiating with the Monarchy Obama is like playing chess with a pigeon. The pigeon knocks over all the pieces, craps on the board and then struts around like it won the game*

Here’s a short list of closings due to the King Obama ridiculous political stunt: The Iwo Jima Memorial is closed, veterans were removed from the Vietnam War Memorial, highway pull-offs with a view of Mount Rushmore are blocked, some of the Florida ocean is off-limits, the Grand Canyon is closed despite Arizona’s offer to keep it open with state funds and 60 families with vacation homes at Lake Mead were ordered to leave.

U.S. children with cancer won’t be able to begin their clinical trials due to the government shutdown, officials at the National Institutes of Health said.

Veterans receiving compensation for service or combat-related injuries could be greatly affected. The Department of Veterans Affairs stated that if the shutdown continues into late October, it will run out of money used to compensate the more than 3.6 million veterans who rely on this support.

No spoll from a left-wing rag.ushi! The Administration has sent most food inspectors home, which means that nobody’s overseeing huge chunks of the nation’s food chain. In other words, this isn’t an optimal time to be eating raw fish — or 80% of what you’ll find at the grocery store.

People will get lost at sea! The Coast Guard needs three radar satellites to feed data into their computer models of what’s going in the oceans (winds, currents, etc.) During the shutdown, they only have one — which cripples their search and rescue efforts.

and on and on and on.

How do I know people are upset? No jokes. My joke files are way down, Other than some biting political cartoons, I haven’t even had more than just a slightly humorous email in almost 5 days.

Lighten up, people, the primary elections are not that far off, when we have our chance to get even with those nincompoops currently in office.


* credits
Monday Digest — The Patriot Post.

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