Help! Help! the sky is falling

“RepublicskyFallans are like lemmings in body armor, marching lockstep of the cliff.”
“Getting signed up for ObamaScare is no worse than buying an Appletm
“The risk is 75% higher than it was yesterday”
“70% of govt. workers are off work”




4. Gee whiz, Mom, I thought that about 800,000 Govt. workers laid off out of 2,000,000+. That is not quite 75% as claimed.

3. Watch out! NSA will not be able to track your Facebook pages!

2. Buying an Appletm something does not come with $200+ monthly fees, $12,000 annual deduction, and a fine if you don’t want it. ObamaScare does.

1. 2014 elections are coming up, Primaries start in just a few months. If your representative want to live in the same bat cave POTUS the mirror kisser lives in, You know the drill…  Vote them out IN THE PRIMARIES so we just don’t have to deal with them anymore.



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