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I had planed to do an article about some of the specialty brewers and how their product names reflect our society. Then along came the most Arrogant Bastard this country has known. One who is so egotistical that he cannot ever accept responsibility for anything that goes wrong. One who is so far left of the insane asylum he can do nothing right. One who, at every chance, specifically chooses to denigrate all who disagree with him. One who will transfer every error he made, every mistake, every damn thing that he has done to destroy our great America to the “opposition” or, in this case, the Republicans. Last night our Glorious Leader was able to get the sell-out Senate RINOs to join forces with Harry Reid in voting down the conservatives who sincerely believe we a) need to control Government  spending, b) stop the runaway debt and c) work sincerely to reduce the further intrusion of Big Government into our lives by reigning in Obamascare. Now, again today, POTUS the Mirror Kisser has blamed bloggers, “talking heads on the radio” and any nay-Sayers that may not be in love with his plans to basically destroy the American way of life as we know it.

A tasty brew, I'm sure

A tasty brew, I’m sure

So, what is the result of these activities? Lets look at the roll-out of the ObamaScare website. First, it is nearly impossible to complete a sign up. Earlier today, it was announced that the website specifically states that any information entered is not confidential and can be shared with any government agency or other designated persons without any consent on your part. Tonight, it has come out that the website was contracted with a foreign design company, and further, that open source software was used and the required acknowledgements were removed from the open source scripts, and the government is being sued for copyright infringements.

POTUS as he appears to others.

POTUS as he appears to others.

The house and senate left town after all the hard work of selling out our children’s future, with no cuts in spending, no controls placed on runaway government. They did, however, manage to give POTUS the Impotent Pantywaist license to spend all the money he can for the next 90 or 120 days. Speaking of POTUS, he thinks he is invincible. He thinks he can just lie to the American People and they will wait with baited breath for his next lie. He continues to demonize Republicans, Conservatives and Tea Party Patriots. In fact, he has blamed Republicans, Conservatives and Tea Party Patriots and specifically, President Bush for all the problems and lost respect he has created around the world,

To be continued…



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