Annie get your gun

Unless, of course, you live in San Antonio, TX. Even though Texas has an open carry law, San Antonio local ordinance prohibits anyone other than a law enforcement official from carrying a loaded rifle or shotgun on any public street in the city. The pro-gun rally was held at the Alamo. San Antonio Police Chief William McManus mingled in the crowd that police estimated at about 300 to 400. “There are too many issues associated with trying to enforce every ordinance here today,” McManus said.

Hilary Rand, from Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, was at a counter-demonstration about a half mile away, armed with Hula Hoops and face paintings. Does that bring a whole new meaning to “self-defense”, or what? I can just see it now, a liberal in face paint chasing away a bunch of hoodlums with her hula-hoop.

Feinstein goes "gunning" for your guns

Feinstein goes “gunning” for your guns

In other news this weekend, Washington, D.C., police have no problem breaking the law when it comes to liberal causes. They are supplying illegal guns for an anti-gun event outside the Washington National Cathedral on Sunday. Blacksmiths will “forge firearms into garden tools” as a symbolic enactment of this year’s theme, “Swords into Plowshares.” The Children’s Defense Fund, which is cosponsoring the event, said in a press release that blacksmiths will be using “illegal guns confiscated by the police.” This display will follow a children’s church service brainwashing session by organization president Marian Wright Edelman. * Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., uses weapons supplied by the D.C. police as props during a news conference in January. Note that she claims semi-auto light caliber guns with a capacity for more than a couple of rounds and a handle are “attack weapons.”


backwardsgunI am sponsoring “Guns for Liberals” day to show the lefties why they need to support the 2nd Amendment. I am introducing a 6-shooter model just in time for “Winter Season” gifting.

This is one “gun” Annie didn’t want.



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