Don’t Blink

I see the Conservative Republicans forced Boehner to back down from supporting ObamaScare. Now, all goes to the Senate, where the bill, while not DOA, will have the no-ObamaScare-money part stripped off and be sent back to the House, probably about 1 hour before the pending Govt. shutdown. The House GOP needs to be prepared to stand firm if the Senate Democrats succeed in stripping defunding language from the CR and send it back their way. An impasse is likely to come, and just like a game of chicken, he who blinks first loses.e9f4_calm_blink

So what’s the lesson here? Don’t let Liberals make inroads and get the upper hand. Liberals and their friends will pull out the stops to attack. Sometimes it’s a frontal attack. Sometimes it’s through a backdoor approach. In any event, it’s important to be proactive and to stay on offense. If you don’t, Obama and his minions will happily take the initiative.

In other words, Don”t Blink


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