Stupid, The NEW American way

For some reason, this post was stuck in draft mode. Guess I thought no one would care. However, in light of us soon meeting in Moose Limb Land with the Taliban, maybe it is still important!hairy-scary

Hairy Kerry, one of the few people in this world actually to the left of a genuine American traitor (see my last post) told the Moose Limbs that in America, it was our “Constitutional Right” to be stupid.

Stupid Example #x: After his talks with Kerry, Karzai told reporters his comments in a nationally televised speech had been misinterpreted by the media. Kerry demurred on that point but said “people sometimes say things in public that reflect ideas they have heard from others but don’t necessarily agree with.”

Can you believe this?  The above statement is the ONLY thing I could find regarding what Karzai reportedly telling Kerry to his face that the USA is colluding with the Taliban to destroy his government. Fox News thought perhaps Kerry and the State Department were just “unprepared” for the comment. However, every single statement on Google and Bing has been filtered to only show a video clip from Fox News on Bing. Google references a Tweeet from Kerry almost a year ago that conveniently has been deleted. I was not up to self abuse by searching on Yahoo, AOL or MSN as instead of logical answers, they return advertising on low T and printer ink. I do not understand the relationship between my printer and testosterone pills.

So, John Kerry, while playing kissie-poo with the MOOSE limb BRO (Wow, am I getting into EUbonics or what?) made that famous statement. His actions since being promoted from Pimp/Senator to Pimp/Secretary only go to prove he is technically correct.

After all we, the American Voting Sheeples reelected the King-who-has-no-clothes while spending all our money and meeting with his 12 deciples in the Lincoln Motel or something in Washington DC.  His Super Majority of voters (50.01%, I think) has given the Liberal Establishment total authority to do as they please, while declaring that you are Constitutionally Stupid.

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