Too Damn’ Busy

Work., Work, Work. Oh yeah? don’t let me feed you any bull. I just took some time off for the holidays you know, Christmas, New Years, 0bama retread and screw us over for 4 moabortion-president_Cropped-150x150re, Pope retirement, and of course who could forget Take-ur-guns and Close the White House and National Parks and let-all-the-Messicans-out-of-Jail sequestration.

With all that sfuff to think about, I barely had time to Work! Oh, yeah, I almost forgot to thank the Repuglicans for living up to the commitment they made to Repeal 0bama Scare and not raise taxes  ooops 🙁

Not-a-geek comming your way soon as I get a spill chucker for this stinkin’ program

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