Hairy Kerry


The clip noted that Kerry is on the Left. How fitting, and also lets you tell one traitor from another.

Harri Kari or hairy Kerry. The result is the same. Incredible stomach pains ultimately resulting in suicide. Your El Presidente and the totally incompetent Senate Bombastic crew teamed up

to really put forth the worst face (no pun intended) possible for America. If you are a member of the Rising Sun or


Arab Sprung

Spring or whatever the current Muslim uprising is called, I am sure you want to deal with the one country that sends it’s very own anti-war monger on a mission to share our taxes with every America-hater he can find.

For those who are too young to have known, John Kerry served a few very short months in Vietnam. He was on a swift boat, which he used to get a “swift ticket” back to the US, where he promptly supported his Country by accusing our soldiers of committing most heinous acts.

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