Chicago Teachers for Obama

Headlines screaming that Chicago-land teachers are on strike because they have not had a raise in 4 years. could that be Bush’s fault, too?

Chicago is an interesting place. It is one of the most obviously gangster-led cities left. Tammany Hall, Pendergast and many other “big City” politicos are gone. The Daley machine survives.

So, a reasonable question comes to mind. What effect does a teacher’s strike in Chicago have to do with the Daley machine, the Democratic Party and the general election in November?

1. The teachers union represents over 30,000 teachers and related school workers in Chicago.

2. With an average salary of almost 75,000, and the city already agreeing to a 10-15% raise over 4 years, pay is not really a big issue, when compared to the average worker salary across the United States.

3. The strike is not expected to last very long.

4. Chicago just happens to be Home Base for 0bama, just happens to be the headquarters city for the David Axelrod-led 0bama reelection campaign.

5. The October Jobs report, out just days before the election will need a big kick in the butt to help 0bams get more votes. A bad report will sign, seal and deliver his out-of-office notice.

6. Returning strikers are counted in the monthly jobs report as “new hires” or “new jobs.” (No, I don’t know why, ask the department of labor statistics!)

So now, back to my question.

What effect will the Chicago teachers strike have on the general elections?

Answer: No matter how many new jobs are or are not created, a “short strike” will add over 30,000 “new” jobs to the October jobs report.

Hoorah! BOHICA

Come November, throw the bums out.

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