200th Post aka "you have 3 days…"

This is kind of like a birthday. Post #200. Does that make my blog a Milestone or Millstone? Only time will tell.

0bama Pills

The Obama Puppets (Thanks, Eric or someone at Red State) took an overdose of 0bama Pills and are busy yesterday, today and certainly tomorrow blaming the middle east crises on everyone but POTUS 0bama The Impotent Pantywaist Surrender Monkey.*

Someone put a trailer of a basically home-made movie on the Internet supposedly criticizing Muhammad. It took a while, but all the Moose-Limbs (phonetic spelling) decided to rant and rave on Sept. 11. Just a coincidence?  Not. Especially since all the trouble is coming from countries basically under control of the Brotherhood of Arab Spring or some such pseudo-moniker for Islamic Terrorists.

Mittens noted that the POTUS also has managed to fail at leading in foreign affairs to the same degree he has failed in leading our Country. Now, he is blamed for “speaking off the edge of the water” — whatever that crumble of nincompoop speech means.

So: The Press focuses on Mittens Boo-Boos. POTUS The King Has No Clothes 0bama blames right wing conservatives. Congress speaks loudly, kinda like an old, toothless Lion roaring in the night. Faux News has totally irrational pundits screaming at each other while their news boobettes make inane ponderings about the effectiveness of POTUS foreign policy.

Here is real deal: Our current leaderless-ship is so ineffective the Barbarians are rattling chains to scare everyone. If we pay too much attention, and let POTUS Empty Chair continue his reelection plans, he will get 4 more to continue ruining our country and stealing our few remaining freedoms.

Meanwhile, the Barbarians will go on, as they have since the Dark Ages giving as many people as they can find three days to make one of 3 choices.
1. Convert to Islam and pay heavy tribute (cash, treasure, etc) to the leaders
2. Fight and Die
3. Die

November is nearer and nearer. Vote. Throw them ALL out and get legislators and leaders who will listen to the people and defend our right and values world wide. Until then, DO NOT try some of this relief

*Lest you accuse me of making up Honorary Titles for our POTUS, here are the original sources
I do not know if the source links still work, but here –>
Obama the Impotent
President Pantywaist Surrender Monkey

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