Hate Groups and Taxes

This disgusting banner was found and taken from Southern Poverty Center website. They own it, I am just displaying it as a tribute to their “intelligence”. Since I am giving them full credit and ownership, and not using for other than to promote their sick activities, I am certainly not violating their ownership rights. Heck, they probably stole it from somewhere else anyway. Note that the definition of “Hate”, as defined by the Southern Poverty Center includes an American Flag.

I find it interesting that they have Family Research Council and Bethesda Christian Institute on the same list as New Black Panthers, Nation of Islam and the KKK.

Even more interesting is that a wacko used this list to find a family-oriented group to try to attack. Too bad he didn’t choose someone else, like the National Socialist American Labor Party from the list. But, then, he might like them. If you would like to see their map, I will NOT link to to it, but you can find a link here.

In other hate news, I see Joe Biden is busy playing his Race Card deck, POTUS N0bama is busy passing the buck, and trying to collect a few, and Harry Reid seems to have gone into hiding for a few days.

I still do not know why Homeland Security needs 3 to 4 bullets for every man, woman and child in the United States. Do you?

Now, you rightfully ask, “What does Hate and Taxes have to do with each other?” What, do you think I fell off a truck last night?

Seriously, though, if you live in Texas, this is Tax-Free Weekend for almost anything even related to back-to-school so leave the politics for a couple days and go get the kids some new shoes.

Have a great weekend.

Then, next week, remember to tell some one to “Go Green”.

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