Hate and Discontent

For the past few days, I have been wrestling with a mixed bag of 0bamnomalies that I felt needed to be addressed. However, these issues have been overshadowed by the hate and discontent coming from both sides of the fence.

The Neo-Leninistas run around saying “Romney caused women to die” and “Romney sent your job overseas”, or “paid no taxes” or “Ryan is stealing your Medicare” and “throws Grandma off the cliff”

On the other hand, you have a radical right fringe that even makes Ron Paul look like a flaming liberal (not Neo-Nazis ir skinheads) that is at least as hateful as the far left.

I get articles like “0bama is a Kenyan – he needs to go back home” and “Liberals think rape is funny” or “Romney MUST do … if {conservatives} or {tea party} or {whoever} is going to vote for him.”

Stimulus Money Used for Golf Courses & Swimming Pools? screams the Patriot Update headlines. Real answer? If stimulus money came to your town, and your community decided to hire people and contractors to redo the city golf course or city public swimming pool that needed repairs, “yes, and so what?” It was your money to spend. Better that than for more TSA agents, I would think.

The national pollsters have determined that for the most part, the election will be determined by 3 or 4 “swing” states. The rest of us don’t matter. Well I got news for ya, pumpkin head, I, WE, YOU, US sure as hell do matter. We may live in a Red State or Blue State. and as an individual may or may not influence the presidential ticket in our state to any great degree. BUT we do influence big time our US Representative, Senator, state house, county, city or township and school boards. And as a whole, we do “swing” the state for the White House, either by voting or not voting.

If you want Mo Bo-Zo in the white house, if you think not voting in protest because Romney/Ryan won’t say this or that, Uncle Newt or Ron Paul or even Sarah Palin is not speaking at the Republican Convention, you really are a bigger problem than all the ‘Bama Zombies. You are the “voter” the 0bama supporters are talking to. They really want you to stay home and sit on your lard a… while whining and complaining. Sometimes it seems like the Far Right wants you to stay home too, if for nothing else than to prove them “right.”

Don’t be a stupid Zombie, get out and vote. Support the Republican nominees, support your local and state conservatives, support the new guy that commits to cleaning up the mess in Washington.

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