Darwin’s Missing Link(s)

In this house, the Republican National Convention was the only thing on our TV last night. Fox news gave good coverage, but if you really wanted to see some of the great screen ads run on the We Built That theme, you needed to watch the convention on CSPAN. Same if you wanted to hear most of the state governors who spoke last night. I know that tonight, once again, I will bounce between Fox News and the CSPAN gavel-to-gavel coverage with no interruptions or comments.

If you want to participate in some other convention, held by a bunch of mis-guided cretins who bear no relationship to the Republican Party and what they stand for, you can watch MSNBC.

Based on the comments this morning from those fine folks, I now know that Darwin was at least partly right. Some people really did come from baboons and monkeys. And, I now know where to look for that “missing link” scientists have never found. They are hiding at MSNBC.

Who else could describe Gov. Christie’s speech as “being more critical of the Republican views on women’s issues than on Obamascare?”

Who else could say that, after the standing ovations for Ann Romney and Chris Christie, that the convention-goers seemed confused and lacking direction as they left the hall?

Who else could accuse the convention of improper quotes and misguided policies?

Darwin’s Missing Links are speaking to the 0bama Zombies.

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