Darwin’s Missing Link(s)

In this house, the Republican National Convention was the only thing on our TV last night. Fox news gave good coverage, but if you really wanted to see some of the great screen ads run on the We Built That theme, you needed to watch the convention on CSPAN. Same if you wanted to hear most of the state governors who spoke last night. I know that tonight, once again, I will bounce between Fox News and the CSPAN gavel-to-gavel coverage with no interruptions or comments.

If you want to participate in some other convention, held by a bunch of mis-guided cretins who bear no relationship to the Republican Party and what they stand for, you can watch MSNBC.

Based on the comments this morning from those fine folks, I now know that Darwin was at least partly right. Some people really did come from baboons and monkeys. And, I now know where to look for that “missing link” scientists have never found. They are hiding at MSNBC.

Who else could describe Gov. Christie’s speech as “being more critical of the Republican views on women’s issues than on Obamascare?”

Who else could say that, after the standing ovations for Ann Romney and Chris Christie, that the convention-goers seemed confused and lacking direction as they left the hall?

Who else could accuse the convention of improper quotes and misguided policies?

Darwin’s Missing Links are speaking to the 0bama Zombies.

Hate and Discontent

For the past few days, I have been wrestling with a mixed bag of 0bamnomalies that I felt needed to be addressed. However, these issues have been overshadowed by the hate and discontent coming from both sides of the fence.

The Neo-Leninistas run around saying “Romney caused women to die” and “Romney sent your job overseas”, or “paid no taxes” or “Ryan is stealing your Medicare” and “throws Grandma off the cliff”

On the other hand, you have a radical right fringe that even makes Ron Paul look like a flaming liberal (not Neo-Nazis ir skinheads) that is at least as hateful as the far left.

I get articles like “0bama is a Kenyan – he needs to go back home” and “Liberals think rape is funny” or “Romney MUST do … if {conservatives} or {tea party} or {whoever} is going to vote for him.”

Stimulus Money Used for Golf Courses & Swimming Pools? screams the Patriot Update headlines. Real answer? If stimulus money came to your town, and your community decided to hire people and contractors to redo the city golf course or city public swimming pool that needed repairs, “yes, and so what?” It was your money to spend. Better that than for more TSA agents, I would think.

The national pollsters have determined that for the most part, the election will be determined by 3 or 4 “swing” states. The rest of us don’t matter. Well I got news for ya, pumpkin head, I, WE, YOU, US sure as hell do matter. We may live in a Red State or Blue State. and as an individual may or may not influence the presidential ticket in our state to any great degree. BUT we do influence big time our US Representative, Senator, state house, county, city or township and school boards. And as a whole, we do “swing” the state for the White House, either by voting or not voting.

If you want Mo Bo-Zo in the white house, if you think not voting in protest because Romney/Ryan won’t say this or that, Uncle Newt or Ron Paul or even Sarah Palin is not speaking at the Republican Convention, you really are a bigger problem than all the ‘Bama Zombies. You are the “voter” the 0bama supporters are talking to. They really want you to stay home and sit on your lard a… while whining and complaining. Sometimes it seems like the Far Right wants you to stay home too, if for nothing else than to prove them “right.”

Don’t be a stupid Zombie, get out and vote. Support the Republican nominees, support your local and state conservatives, support the new guy that commits to cleaning up the mess in Washington.

Smarmy Bamboozler

1. smarmy

A certain attitude often accompanied by a squinty look and a superior smile that makes you instantly hate a person. Similar to snobby.
He/she/it is totally smarmy, I want to punch them in the face.

1. bamboozler
One who deceives another by elaborate methods of deceit; hoodwink.


2. smarmy

sleazy, self-centered and insincere. one whom has his own agenda which conflicts with the interests of others. very fake and/or two-faced.
2. Bamboozler

A type of marijuana smoking device or bong, constructed primarily from bamboo.
“Want to get bamboozled?”
I truly do so respect the Office of the President of the United States. I also truly do have a problem with the current occupant.
Should you wonder why, think that he has added more than 5 TRILLION dollars to our debt. Look at an increase in heart attacks in hospitals since he started taking 705 BILLION from Medicare. Look at 8.3% calculated unemployment, with a real under- and un-employed of 15%. Look at 40% or higher black teen unemployment. Look at the highest number of families ever getting food stamps.
Any questions?

POTUS 0bama the Smarmy Bamboozler can only campaign. No work, all play, spending your money like a rich n  drunken sai Mexican drug dea GSA employee at a convention (Whew! I knew I could get it right if I tried harder)

The 2008 0bama slogan “Hope and Change”
The 2012 0bama reelection slogan “Nope and Chains”
How about “Eat Some Crow.”

Come November, Vote Romney-Ryan at the top, your favorite tea-party candidate on down the line.

Home Land Security, NOAA and the Forest Service now have purchased an additional 5 or 6 bullets for every man, woman and child in the USA.

Hate Groups and Taxes

This disgusting banner was found and taken from Southern Poverty Center website. They own it, I am just displaying it as a tribute to their “intelligence”. Since I am giving them full credit and ownership, and not using for other than to promote their sick activities, I am certainly not violating their ownership rights. Heck, they probably stole it from somewhere else anyway. Note that the definition of “Hate”, as defined by the Southern Poverty Center includes an American Flag.

I find it interesting that they have Family Research Council and Bethesda Christian Institute on the same list as New Black Panthers, Nation of Islam and the KKK.

Even more interesting is that a wacko used this list to find a family-oriented group to try to attack. Too bad he didn’t choose someone else, like the National Socialist American Labor Party from the list. But, then, he might like them. If you would like to see their map, I will NOT link to to it, but you can find a link here.

In other hate news, I see Joe Biden is busy playing his Race Card deck, POTUS N0bama is busy passing the buck, and trying to collect a few, and Harry Reid seems to have gone into hiding for a few days.

I still do not know why Homeland Security needs 3 to 4 bullets for every man, woman and child in the United States. Do you?

Now, you rightfully ask, “What does Hate and Taxes have to do with each other?” What, do you think I fell off a truck last night?

Seriously, though, if you live in Texas, this is Tax-Free Weekend for almost anything even related to back-to-school so leave the politics for a couple days and go get the kids some new shoes.

Have a great weekend.

Then, next week, remember to tell some one to “Go Green”.

1.2 BILLION Bullets!

Reports are out that on the heels of purchasing 450 MILLION rounds of ammunition, Homeland Security is purchasing another 750 MILLION rounds. While at it, it appears that they are also purchasing large quantities of high-density Ammonium Nitrate and A-5 flake RDX. You may recall that was Ammonium Nitrate fertilizer was used in the 1995 Oklahoma bombing. A-5 flake RDX is used as a boosting agent to make it explode. They are also purchasing large quantities of protective body armor.

What in the Hell is Homeland Security (the 0bama civilian equivalent of a cross between the US Marines and the New Black Panthers) needs all these bullets and bomb material? Is N0bama planning on keeping the Office of the President of the United States of America all for himself, no matter the outcome of the election? Or is he just afraid the “Tea Party Terrorists” will be tying up the voting poles, creating long lines and making the 0bama Zombies wait their turn, show ID and only vote once?

Also noted, weather forecasting must be a dangerous business. The NOAA is purchasing 42,000 rounds of ammo for its Massachusetts, New Jersey and Florida offices. Maybe they are just defending their stand on Global Warming?

Make no mistake. Now is the time to be very alert. Watch what is going on around you.

Also, come November 6, throw out all the bastards you can and vote in new people that will listen to what YOU, the voter, the citizen, want, not sing the same old Big Government song and dance.

Big Government says:

Lies, Lies, and more Lies

Moose-Limbs in the White House, again.

What POTUS-soon-to-be-gone N0bama said:
“Thomas Jefferson once held a sunset dinner here with an envoy from Tunisia — perhaps the first Iftar at the White House, more than 200 years ago. … a reminder, along with the generations of patriotic Muslims in America, that Islam — like so many faiths — is part of our national story.”

A part-truth is a lie, no less than a no-truth-at-all lie. Just a little harder to verify as a lie.

Here is what Thomas Jefferson had to say about moose-limbs:  “Too long, for the honor of nations, have those Barbarians been [permitted] to trample on the sacred faith of treaties, on the rights and laws of human nature!”

Not an endorsement, but worth noting, in Joseph Wheelan’s on America’s first war on terror with Islam, we learn that “Jefferson’s war pitted a modern republic with a free-trade, entrepreneurial creed against a medieval autocracy whose credo was piracy and terror. It matched an ostensibly Christian nation against an avowed Islamic one that professed to despise Christians. Wheelan’s historical assessment of the time is on target. “Except for its Native American population and a small percentage of Jews, the United States was solidly Christian, while the North African regencies were just as solidly Muslim — openly hostile toward Christians.”

Read more: http://politicaloutcast.com/2012/08/obama-praises-muslims-while-thomas-jefferson-didnt-trust-them/#ixzz23XkfzFPy

On another note, I see that even the staunch liberal CNN reporter Wolf Blitzer is fed up with liberal Democratic lies: http://michellemalkin.com/2012/08/14/wolf-blitzer-dws/

How anyone could possibly vote for this totally corrupt bunch of hooligans is beyond my comprehension.

Remember on November 6 to throw the bastards out.