I failed as a "Green Worker"

In keeping with the current trend, I set out to improve my image and become a “Green Worker.” My first mistake was printing and mailing a resume. That apparently is a no-no, since printing causes trees to be cut down and paper mills to pollute, and power plants to emit excessive amounts of carbon dioxide.

My attitudes towards tweeting twits (POTUS the Unguided and Al Gore in particular) only allowed me to qualify for some of the jobs that have been reclassified as “Green.” Street Beautification Specialist (street sweeper). Waste Disposal Engineer (dog poop collection). Non Motorized Transportation Repair Technician (skate board repair).

Since I am particularly unsuited for any of these occupations, I decided to return to my blog.

However, unlike the other blow-hard postulators out there, I will not tell you what a candidate should say to get elected.

I could care less what Mittens “should” have said to the NAACP. I only care that he, unlike POTUS Usurping Prevaricator, was macho enough to stand up before that ultra-liberal organization and tell them his plans if elected, without any artificial coloring added.

What I do care about Mittens, is that we get behind hm and get out the vote. Either that, or get POTUS-I-Deserve-4-more-years and his magnificent plan to destroy our Country and take away what little Freedom we have left.

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