What would late-night TV be without those incessant ASPCA commercials showing pitiful animals that are being saved from “brutal, uncaring” owners. Oh, really? How do they get them? Do they break into your home while you are away abusing someone somewhere else? Or, are these poor abused creatures from their own shelters?

Someone sent me the following, a post that ASPCA had on their website for a short time in November 2011, and then removed once rational people saw it. It is a document telling ASPCA members how to deal with No-Kill shelters, and others who really believe that your a pet’s end is not euthanasia in the shortest time possible.

Refer to this “guide” before sending your money to the New York City big shots with high salaries. (Hey — if POTUS the Impotent Pantywaiste Surrender Monkey can build his reelection campaign on class warfare, guess I can use some to get my point over, too!)

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The Tactics of the Extremist Agenda, from ASPCA Pro

Step 1: Establishing a Proxy

A member of a community will begin to adopt the talking points of the Extremist Agenda, using aggressive and divisive language to describe the state of that community’s animal welfare organizations.

Step 2: Creating a Local Organization

The proxy forms an organization (i.e. “No Kill Austin/Louisville/Houston/Philly) that will act as the local brand for the Extremist Agenda and begin to use social networking to expand.

Step 3: Engaging in Local Politics

The no-kill organization lobbies local public officials and candidates regarding the existing euthanasia rates at the municipal shelter. In most cases, there does exist public attention to the need to reform the sheltering system to increase lifesaving.

• The proxy organization will get involved in local elections, providing questionnaires and financial support to candidates perceived as sympathetic to the Extremist Agenda.

Step 4: Slandering Existing Animal Welfare

The Extremist Agenda slanders the existing shelter director and any local humane organization that is deemed to be sympathetic to the status quo. The aim of the slander is to put enough pressure on the director to step down (which is often achieved).

Step 5: Installing a Puppet Regime

A new “compassionate” director sympathetic to the Extremist Agenda is put in place through effective lobbying. The Extremist Agenda organization will often advocate a candidate with little or no experience who will essentially do as they are told.

Step 6: Saving Face when the Agenda Fails

The Extremist Agenda displaces blame when the program becomes unsustainable by blaming either their own director or local public officials for not backing them sufficiently.

Step 7: Slandering Media

Attacking unfavorable media is commonplace for the Extremist Agenda when a story runs that questions any component of implementing overnight solutions while demonizing hardworking animal welfare organizations.

And you thought ASPCA loves animals????

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