Stupid Comments and Junk Food

First of all, before anything else, my prayers and sadness go out to those who were so stupidly attacked in Colorado Thursday night. At this point, I cannot, will not speculate on the why. That is later, after some healing for all.

Now, back to the point of this discourse. Within probably 30 seconds of being notified of the tragedy in Aurora, Mayor the King of New York City Bloombug wanted to know what POTUS and Mittens planned to do about “assault weapons” and the Brady Bunch was actually out before Bloomberg screaming for more gun control. When do they get it: after they personally get to dial 911 for a cop because an armed person is holding them hostage and find out the 911 person will ask 20 questions, minimum, before deciding to notify one of the local donut munchers to get out of his car and help? Or maybe after they are shot by some crazy?

Colorado is a concealed carry state for responsible gun owners. Best guess is that which ever theater parlor was showing Bat Man has a sign forbidding legally authorized, responsible citizens who have a carry permit to enter the theater while armed. Only wackos, punks and crazies are allowed to carry and kill.

In other headlines:
POTUS Obama the Impotent Pantywaist declared that all of us who have built our own business, or improved the fortunes of a corporation, didn’t do it. We were only taking unfair advantage of all the wonderful things the Government Bureaucrats have rained down upon us. So let’s raise taxes on all those “unfair advantage takers” and give the money to those poor soles that for the most part, choose to exist on welfare and food stamps instead of working and contributing to the betterment of our society as a whole.

USDA is busy interfering with pet owners. In conjunction with HSUS, they are currently conspiring to stamp out all pet ownership and breeding. As far as they are concerned, the only good pet is a stuffed one made in China.

Two Seattle men were detained U.S. Customs when they tried to smuggle …chocolate… into the United States. These menaces to society were trying to bring [gasp] Kinder Eggs into our fair country. Everyone knows those particular treats have little choking hazards inside them: choking hazards disguised as toys! And the worst part is, these confectionery terrorists were going to give these chocolates to… their… kids.*

POTUS Obama is substituting regulatory burdens in place of some tax increases. According to reports, he as increased regulatory burdens on companies and individuals by more that 400% over what President Bush foisted off on us.

On the conservative front, I am getting a lot of mail whining about the press picking on the tea party. And one even sent an article titled “here is your pro-gun story”

In my mail box, the delete key works just fine for the idiots on both sides of the fence.

National and Local elections are in November. If you do not get out and vote to retire and expel as many of the reprobates now in office, you will only get what you deserve.

Ending on a more cheerful note, Happy Birthday to me. Not only is to my birthday, it is also National Junk Food Day (seriously, I a not kidding, heard it on Fox Business last night.) Today, you can eat Junk Food completely guilt-free. My wife said something about a perfect fit, a celebration of what I have participated in on a regular basis for many a moon.

*stolen without guilt from Political Outcast

Mayor Rahm Emanuel be takin care of y’all

Chicago, the city with a murder rate so far this year higher than all of  Afghanistan, is headed by the 0bama ex-minion Rahm Emanuel. He, true to his Democratic-Socialist-Communist philosophy is busy supplying solutions to high crime in Chi.

The police department—which has lost gang task force resources amid cutbacks by the administration of Mayor Rahm Emanuel— is busy prioritizing resources.

1. In order to more efficiently handle gang-land crime and stop the waves of killings, the police department has built a Facebook-like platform to study the relationships between members of various gangs

2. the Chicago Police Department is securing the wedding of White House advisor Valerie Jarrett’s daughter. The Chicago Sun-Times’ Michael Sneed reports that between 100 and 200 Chicago police officers will be on site to help “secure the perimeter” of the wedding. Sneed further reports that the city will not be reimbursed for the police security by the federal government.

By golly, the democrats in Chicago certainly have their priorities right!

My word processor does not properly display snide remarks or do un-smiley faces well. So, to sum up my true feelings about Democrat Socialist Commie Liars, Cheats and Thieves,

Bull Puke.


What would late-night TV be without those incessant ASPCA commercials showing pitiful animals that are being saved from “brutal, uncaring” owners. Oh, really? How do they get them? Do they break into your home while you are away abusing someone somewhere else? Or, are these poor abused creatures from their own shelters?

Someone sent me the following, a post that ASPCA had on their website for a short time in November 2011, and then removed once rational people saw it. It is a document telling ASPCA members how to deal with No-Kill shelters, and others who really believe that your a pet’s end is not euthanasia in the shortest time possible.

Refer to this “guide” before sending your money to the New York City big shots with high salaries. (Hey — if POTUS the Impotent Pantywaiste Surrender Monkey can build his reelection campaign on class warfare, guess I can use some to get my point over, too!)

Feel free to crosspost, or whatever, just do not modify. Also, see a couple of great links at the bottome of this post.

The Tactics of the Extremist Agenda, from ASPCA Pro

Step 1: Establishing a Proxy

A member of a community will begin to adopt the talking points of the Extremist Agenda, using aggressive and divisive language to describe the state of that community’s animal welfare organizations.

Step 2: Creating a Local Organization

The proxy forms an organization (i.e. “No Kill Austin/Louisville/Houston/Philly) that will act as the local brand for the Extremist Agenda and begin to use social networking to expand.

Step 3: Engaging in Local Politics

The no-kill organization lobbies local public officials and candidates regarding the existing euthanasia rates at the municipal shelter. In most cases, there does exist public attention to the need to reform the sheltering system to increase lifesaving.

• The proxy organization will get involved in local elections, providing questionnaires and financial support to candidates perceived as sympathetic to the Extremist Agenda.

Step 4: Slandering Existing Animal Welfare

The Extremist Agenda slanders the existing shelter director and any local humane organization that is deemed to be sympathetic to the status quo. The aim of the slander is to put enough pressure on the director to step down (which is often achieved).

Step 5: Installing a Puppet Regime

A new “compassionate” director sympathetic to the Extremist Agenda is put in place through effective lobbying. The Extremist Agenda organization will often advocate a candidate with little or no experience who will essentially do as they are told.

Step 6: Saving Face when the Agenda Fails

The Extremist Agenda displaces blame when the program becomes unsustainable by blaming either their own director or local public officials for not backing them sufficiently.

Step 7: Slandering Media

Attacking unfavorable media is commonplace for the Extremist Agenda when a story runs that questions any component of implementing overnight solutions while demonizing hardworking animal welfare organizations.

And you thought ASPCA loves animals????

Here are a couple of links commenting on this issue.

Also, while out there, take a look at one from today, join in the fun.

"At the end of the day…"

Commentators, Pundits, Authorities, Experts.

Seems like every other person on any cable news station is one of the above. Depending on the network, they are conservative (Fox News), Ultra Liberal (MSNBC or somewhere from liberal to rabid teaparty hater (CNN, NPR, PBS, etc).

If you have noticed, though, no matter the flavor of the politics, they always have some “words that have to be used to be sure everyone knows you are an expert paid pundit.”

At the end of the day…

What Really Matters …

In these troubled times…

People are hurting…

millions are un- or under-employed…

Lack of leadership…

Party of “NO’…

Romney, the only choice for the hope of the Republican Party…

Big Business is….

The Chinese are…

Wall Street (pick your word)…

You get the point. You, dear reader, are the Poor, Downtrodden, Hard working, Disappointed, Discouraged, Under Paid, Victim of the Republican Oppressors and the Democrat Spenders, being deprived of pennies by the miserly Tea Party controlled House of Representatives, Bamboozled by the Democratic Senate, and Lied to by the Executive Branch, Manipulated by the Labor unions, and cheated out of your savings by the Wall Street Fat Cats.

Gee, with all those problems, and having to work 3 or 4 part-time jobs just to keep Top Ramon bags on the table, it is amazing that I have time to listen to any of these punditing prognosticating blow hards.

Oh, whoops. They are not describing me. I have had help from Barney Frank, getting low cost mortgages, We know how successful that was!

Then, Barney and his Buddy Chris “fixed” all the banking problems, so that they could not screw the hard-working small business people anymore. That really worked well, as now I can’t get a loan for my business, it is too (small, new, whatever) to be considered a “safe investment” by the federal regulators.

‘Bama and crew got lots of money printed to help the economy. Unfortunately, I did not contribute large sums of money to his election campaign, so I am not eligible to receive any Stimulus Money.

Also, I do not belong to a large Union, so I cannot get an exemption from the initial shock expenses of complying with ObamaCare regulations.

And, now, just new today from your Military Ripping Off Insurance Funds from active and retired military, we have “UNDER EXECUTED FUNDS. ” I guess last year’s “higher priority items” term to steal funds became politically incorrect although they still refer to military retirees in career service to the nation, “are hurtful, taking away from the nation’s ability to defend itself.” DOD tells us, “TRICARE is crippling” the Pentagon. So much hurt, in fact, that despite taking Under Executed Funds,  they are still raising insurance fees for a few retirees 3.6% and 17% for all the rest. All approved and signed into law by POTUS the Prevaricating Usurper.

Social Security and Veterans Disability benefits, on the other hand, will increase an amazing 1.3% (rounded to the lowest dollar).  Now, please notify the grocery stores, gas stations and utility companies to cut their increases  from the current 5% to 20% to the same levels.

I failed as a "Green Worker"

In keeping with the current trend, I set out to improve my image and become a “Green Worker.” My first mistake was printing and mailing a resume. That apparently is a no-no, since printing causes trees to be cut down and paper mills to pollute, and power plants to emit excessive amounts of carbon dioxide.

My attitudes towards tweeting twits (POTUS the Unguided and Al Gore in particular) only allowed me to qualify for some of the jobs that have been reclassified as “Green.” Street Beautification Specialist (street sweeper). Waste Disposal Engineer (dog poop collection). Non Motorized Transportation Repair Technician (skate board repair).

Since I am particularly unsuited for any of these occupations, I decided to return to my blog.

However, unlike the other blow-hard postulators out there, I will not tell you what a candidate should say to get elected.

I could care less what Mittens “should” have said to the NAACP. I only care that he, unlike POTUS Usurping Prevaricator, was macho enough to stand up before that ultra-liberal organization and tell them his plans if elected, without any artificial coloring added.

What I do care about Mittens, is that we get behind hm and get out the vote. Either that, or get POTUS-I-Deserve-4-more-years and his magnificent plan to destroy our Country and take away what little Freedom we have left.