Hi, I don’t work there anymore.

N0Bama is busy touting the latest unemployment figures. Initial claims dropped to a new “seasonally adjusted” low of 366,000. Of course, last weeks was revised upward, as will this weeks figures.

BTW, what the hell is “Seasonally adjusted” mean anyway? Does that mean we have more unemployed at this time of year than we want to report, so we pretend it is July, when everyone is either working or on vacation and not filing claims? Or, maybe, “There were really 2,000,000 new claims but we did not like that number, so we just fixed it.”

As always, though, with any 0bama statistics, (“a —– in the woodpile” comments prohibited, so substitute, “dirty feet a-work at the crossroads”) There is more than meets the eye.

First time statistics down. Ok. Great.

“The number of people still receiving benefits under regular state programs after an initial week of aid edged up 4,000 to 3.6 million in the week ended December 3.”

“The number of Americans on emergency unemployment benefits increased 254,642 to 3.05 million in the week ended November 26, the latest week for which data is available.”

It appears to me that we have little to brag about, other than 1 week before Christmas, if you get laid off, you probably got a little severance pay and cannot legally claim an unemployment check until those dollars are spent.