Wow, how descriptive.

I found some great descriptions floating around today, thought I would share a few

outrage pimps
drooling idiocy

How about describing a newspaper as a gay gossip site and anti-Semitic conspiracy newsletter?

Thoughts from the Huffington Post? Messages from NOW? Sorry, guess again. We expect statements like this from the left when describing our candidates, the tea party, conservatives and Republicans in general. In fact, nothing less is expected from Labor Unions and Liberal Progressives.

Erick Erickson and Regenercy Publishing may need to start watching some of the rhetoric posted in the RedState Morning Briefing lest they start sounding more like the Daily Kos crew, spouting mean and meaningless drivel.

On a more positive note, though many will disagree with me, I see that Rick Perry has earned an impressive favorability rating with his entrance as a viable contender to replace the current Commander In Thief. While these ratings change almost daily, I am pleased to note that Mitt RomneyScare has dropped way back to below 20% favorability.

Let’s support our candidates. We have a big job ahead if we want to return any sense of sanity and stability to our Great Country. Our primary goals have to be to fire the current occupant of the White House, retain control of the House of Representatives, and get as many new Republican Senators as possible.

We can do a lot better than be Hyper-bloviating Outrage Pimps spouting Drooling Idiocy remarks.

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