The arrogance of Mitt Romney

Tim Pawlenty withdraws his candidacy for Republican nominee for President.

Mr. M. Arrogance Romney quips “He has a bright future.” Words normally used to describe High School graduates.

Well spoken by a person on the ballot who could not even 2nd best a write-in that only declared minutes before the straw poll in Iowa. Granted, a Straw Poll has all the status of yesterday’s lottery ticket. But, it does point to the organizational and leadership skills of the candidates. Those with better teams normally score better. Those who prefer to ride on their laurels do not.

Michele Bachmann: 4823
Ron Paul: 4671
Tim Pawlenty: 2293
Rick Santorum: 1657
Herman Cain: 1456
Mitt Romney: 567
Newt Gingrich: 385
Jon Huntsman: 69
Thad McCotter: 35
Rick Perry (write in): 718
Total votes cast: 16,892

btw, GOOGLE and the right-wing bloggers are so tied up in rhetoric and analysis, I had to go to the Daily Kos to get the above simple list. (Occasionally, even the Wacko-Left has something we need.)

Mitt Romney, I know, is proud that he was able to successfully best challengers like Thad McCotter and Jon Huntsman. And, while at it, maybe he should try to achieve the quality of leadership and Statesmanship shown by Tim Pawlenty.

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