Super or Sell Out Congress?

The buzz-word of the day is “Super Congress.” The media-sponsored impression is that these wonderful chosen few will spend a few minutes between when appointed and Thanksgiving and come up with trillions and trillions of “savings” for America that congress will vote on. If they do not, then auto-cuts happen.

If you believe that, then you need to see the Wizard of Oz for some brains.

Here is the deal as I see it. A bunch of greedy politicians will meet and entertain themselves at your expense for a few months. They will create a Turkey just in time for Thanksgiving.

They will deliver the Turkey to Congress just in time to prevent an automatic reduction of spending. Congress will decide they want Tofu, not Turkey for Thanksgiving dinner as there is no historic or potentially religious significance and certainly no prayers of thanks when eating tofu.

Result? No automatic cuts because the Super Congress met their goal. No cuts at all since congress did not pass the plan.

BOHICA, Taxpayers, just one more example of why you need to:

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