Not ME! No,no, not my fault!

Quote from Human Events:

One of the strangest aspects of the Democrats’ response to the S&P downgrade has been selecting Senator John Kerry (D-MA) as the front man for their dopey “Tea Party Downgrade” spin attempt. Kerry’s droning arrogance and witless talking-point delivery are guaranteed voter repellents. He’s among the greatest living exemplars of the kind of autopilot spendaholic out-of-touch political hack that Americans do not want to hear from right now.

The only example I can find to equal or exceed John “Numbnuts” Kerry is the Clueless Reader himself, the King Has No Clothes, the Prevaricating Usurper, the one and only POTUS 0bama the Impotent Pantywaist Surrender Monkey.

Who else could give a speech and have the Stock Market drop another 300 points? Who else could claim to be the Leader of the USA and claim “It’s Everyone Else’s Fault” in the same breath? Is He the one to catch the blame for our credit rating being downgraded? Well, let’s take a look.

The 111th Congress was unable to pass a budget. So far, so has the 112th Congress. Mostly their fault, but then, none was submitted from the Executive Branch for them to consider. They were given no leadership on the direction of our Country. The 111th, totally controlled by Nancy Pelosi and the uber-left passed something called 0bamaScare. Not only did no one read it, His Cluelessness had no idea what was in it, and led the way by standing in his playpen whining “I want it.”

The 112th Congress, sans Executive leadership, passed a bill that cut increases, limited spending and called for a balanced budget amendment. The Senate, on the other hand, still being not led by The Imposter still whining from his Play Pen, “I will VETO”, would not even let the bill on the floor.

So, who is in charge? He who will accept no blame? Yeah. “El No Leader Aqui Presidente” 0bma.

If you do not join your local tea party group, if you do not support removing the incumbents from dog catcher to school board to congress to the Commander in Thief, you are the one to blame for the credit rating of The United States of America being down-graded. 

Participate now, vote in the primaries and in the General Elections for change from the top down.

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