My email is changing.

As few as two or three months ago, I got very little “personal”, i.e. email from individuals, about POTUS, other than an occasional barb or joke. Mostly lighthearted mail, which, while not flattering of 0bama, showed little concern as to the credibility of his credentials.

Now, I am getting mail from several people who are very, very concerned about who in the hell is this shadow-man that seems to have literally usurped the White House. Yes, yes, I know he was “duly elected” but the questions coming to me concern whether or not he was ever vetted to be actually able to run for President of the United States of America.

This is really strange, as those emails are not from “birthers” but just about as far as one can get from being a “birther” and still be considered not one of the Looney Left.

“Where are Obama’s Girlfriends”
“Where are Obama’s Classmates”
“Where are his wedding pictures?”
“Why do we know nothing about his past except what is in his book?”
“Why do so many people claim the birth certificate (long form) is a fake?”
“Why do so many people claim the short-form certificate of live birth is a fake?”
“Why does he surround himself with socialist progressives that hate America?”
“Why does he say we need jobs and go on vacation?”
“Why does he want to raise my taxes?”
“Why does he welcome Muslims to the White House for Ramadan, but deny Christian Prayer?”
“Why does he promote class warfare and hatred?”
“Why does he … (put your own question here)?”

You get the point. A great deal of concern that our freedoms and liberties are being stolen from us. A great deal of concern that the amount of debt this POTUS has run up will destroy our economy and may cause our children and grand children to struggle in poverty paying off this debt.

A great deal of concern that we have been snookered and bamboozled.

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